Christian? It's a private thing. Gay? Tell the whole world! What's that say about our culture? - Granite Grok

Christian? It’s a private thing. Gay? Tell the whole world! What’s that say about our culture?

Tebow vs CollinsIs the culture, led by the MSM and other cultural “elites”, anti-Christian?  Seems to be, when one reviews how denigrated Tebow has become these last couple of years – simply for being a man of faith, giving credit to a higher power than himself, professing a traditional sense of faith, and sticking to set of morals that, at best, is considered “prudish”.  With all that, we have seen how intolerant the tolerant Left truly has become to traditional mores.  Expressing them publicly gets you knocked down – by those, perhaps, that realize that they do not measure up (either can’t or decide to go “the low road”)?  No, I don’t mean to be “holier than thou” – I do wish to point out that those holding to values other than what is in the current popular culture are always in for a hard time.  Winning two national championships and the Heisman should a concentration on what he has accomplished in his field. Instead, he has been skewered for his faith.

I used to avidly follow pro-sports, especially the Celts – but not the last 10 years of so, so I missed his playing days in Boston.  But I do wonder and feel badly about the popular culture when, seemingly, a larger and larger part of the sense of fame is based on one’s sexuality and what one is supposed to be doing in privacy (and I can throw the example of Paris Hilton into this mix as well, as she didn’t become famous until that sex tape went viral).  Shouldn’t Collins’ fame be based on what he did on the court?  Instead, like Hilton, it is what is done in the bedroom.  In either case, Hilton or Collins, that door should have stayed shut.  It is of NO interest to me what is done there – don’t force it on me.  And, in the case of , don’t make me pay for it either.

What does it say about our culture, that one’s sexuality is more important than, perhaps, anything else about them?  What a double standard culture has created – for all of the Politically Correct speech about the horrors of objectifying women as mere sex objects, now we do it to both sexes.

Yeah, a culture to be proud of – and there’s no hiding that behind a skirt.  Or kilt.  Or anything at all.  Fer nothin’.

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)