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CALL TO ACTION: SB48 passed the House Ed Committee.

From Ann Marie Banfield c/o Facebook

SB48 passed the House Ed Committee. 

The good news is that both the Democrats and Republicans had ISSUES with ASSESSING “Dispositions”. That word was removed with an amendment.

Unfortunately schools will be labeled “Priority” and “Focus” schools based upon the standardized assessment results.

This means that if your students do not perform well on the standardized assessment that is ALIGNED TO COMMON CORE, your school could end up identified as a “Priority or Focus” school.

If that happens, the STATE DOE steps in to remediate the school. This means putting together a plan to make sure the school is properly aligning WITH COMMON CORE.

No where do they call for ANY PARENTAL involvement in this process. 

Once again we have the schools responding to the UNELECTED bureaucrats with NO involvement from the parents.

Once again, schools are accountable to the State (DOE – Unelected bureaucrats) who have agreed to implement Common Core without any legislative approval.

It is IMPORTANT to contact YOUR State Reps and tell them to vote NO on SB48. Tell them that you oppose cutting parents OUT of the ACCOUNTABILITY process.

You can find your State Reps Here: