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Maggie “The Red” Hassan – MaggieGuns?

History has taught us that those of history desired power and wanted control over others grabbed products, services, and liberties under the rubric of “for the common good” or for your “safety and security”.   Never did you hear “we are taking these things so that you may be free and enjoy enhanced liberty”.  No, those two phrases are the shopworn platitudes of those that believe they have the right to organize life for others instead of others exercising their Rights to do it themselves.   Governor Maggie Hassan has already expressed and acted in this way when a State Senator:

  • First, they came for the speakers – MaggieSpeech (“your political speech will be regulated and taxed fee’d!”)
  • Next, they came for the capitalists – MaggieCare (“all your hospitals are belong to us!”)

If her legislation had passed, she would have ensured that Government would have put political speech into a straight-jacket – opposite of the reason why the First Amendment exists (to protect those that would criticize others, especially those in power and those in Government).  Then with MaggieCare, she would have wrested the power to decide operational details of all of the hospitals and placed it into a Governmental board that would have been populated by bureaucrats; unelected and unaccountable to the voters.  And they would have been self-sustaining  with the ability to tax those they oversaw without legislative oversight.

Back in the 1930s, that was called Fascism – who needed to own the means of production when Government merely controlled its operation and outcomes?  We also know that incremental steps were taken in other areas as well – including taking away the right to self defense.  So when a representative of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire asked what her intentions concerning HB135, which would repeal the Stand Your Ground legislation passed last session (as well as upping the budget 16%, btw), what was her response?  Shades of Carol Shea-RunawayWatch:

MaggieGuns – the inference that the Life Free or Die State could go the way of California, Colorado, New York, and soon, Connecticut. Note to clueless – there are certainly those here in NH that would cry no tears if all guns were confiscated because they’d feel safer and believe that we’d be gun violence free.  Deluded.  Then there are those Progressives / Marxists / Socialists that would, like with their fellow philosophical sojourners in countries where it has happened, be quite happy with a gun free population – but for completely different reasons.

MaggieGuns – there are no practical differences between Marxist and Socialists with regards to Individual Liberty and Freedom except one wants it all to happen in one big Bang (re:revolution) and the other will boil the frog (incrementalism – and yes, the water is rather hot already).  One step forward and now, a 180 and a step backwards.

Worse, we all say “well, what happened in those other countries back then CERTAINLY cannot happen here!”.  Sure, and I have a bridge to sell you – here we have two concrete examples that were proposed with every intention to implement them and only because it was beat back with many sticks did they fail.

It is clear that Maggie “The Red” did not want to tip her hand to the dude with the camera – otherwise, why not just answer the question