“Honor Your Oath” Rally - Master of Ceremonies, Jeff Chidester - Granite Grok

“Honor Your Oath” Rally – Master of Ceremonies, Jeff Chidester

Jeff Chidester: former soldier, former policeman, software guy, radio host – everything he touches turns to gold.  A political activist on the Right, he is par excellence!  As he does with a number of events held by Liberty and Freedom groups, he served as the Master of Ceremonies for the the Honor Your Oath rally – and I count him as a good friend.

Even though his role yesterday was to be the Master of Ceremonies he gave, in my opinion, the best speech of the day concerning the Oath and its importance.  Once you hear him mention the American Flag – you will then understand “the Oath becomes Personal” – and  WMUR’s Jimmie Pindell? THIS is the answer to your question!  As Jeff said, and as I intimated in my post – you and most of the Media just.don’t.get.it.

Here is Jack Kimball introducing him:

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