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What Problem Will HB 135 (The Repeal of Stand Your Ground) Address?

HB 135 would not address any problem, unless justifying the fear-mongering and misinformation campaign of the anti-gun crowd is the goal.

To that end there is a great editorial about H135 and the fear mongering of the left, in the union leader.  here’s a snippet.

Testifying against the “stand your ground” legislation in 2011, Associate Attorney General Ann Rice said, “Historically, this committee’s first question is ‘What problem is this bill trying to address?’ If you apply that question to these three bills, there is no problem that needs fixing.

Applying that standard to the law now would generate the conclusion Rice came to in 2011: “there is no problem that needs fixing.” We do not have shootouts in bars and restaurants by gunslingers whom the law has emboldened. That is because responsible New Hampshire gun owners are not bloodthirsty desperados itching to kill, which is how so many legislators seem to imagine them. Repealing this law now would be a premature and irrational act based on fear and mistrust. It would be the legislative equivalent of shooting first, asking questions later. How ironic if the bill passes.