Stop whining! You will die when your government healthcare death panel tells you to. - Granite Grok

Stop whining! You will die when your government healthcare death panel tells you to.

And to think the government-media complex assured us she was wrong about death panels....
But…but…we were so assured by the government-media complex that this former Alaska governor was lying—lying!—about death panels….

Heh. I have written in the past about how the foundation of socialism—all statist political philosophy, in fact—is based upon lies. They promise wealth but deliver poverty. They promise equality but deliver a government overlord class of wealth and power. They promise justice…

…but deliver tyranny and inequity.

They also promise universal, inexpensive, quality health care for all—Obamacare! But they deliver death. Death panels, that is.

So now that mask comes off! In a wonderful piece by young Anthony Mirhay dari for MSN Money the other day, we are told what the column’s title says:Why we need ‘death panels’. Oho! So that lying nutjob Sarah Palin was right about Obamacare death panels after all! Quel surprise! And to think the entire American politico-media smear-apparatus assured us she was crazy!

The column starts out with admiring words about a talented 16th century Japanese warrior-psychopath, Miyamoto Musashi, who at age 13 killed his first man in a duel by beating him to death. Many, many duels followed. “He didn’t care where he slept. He carried no money or food. And when too old to fight, after a life on the edge of mortality, he wrote philosophy in a cave. So, pretty much the exact opposite of the modern American lifestyle.”

You can say that again. According to the MSN Money writer, this guy is supposed to be admirable: “We should pay heed to two of Musashi’s most important precepts. The first is to do nothing that is of no use. The second is to accept death in the midst of life.” So…out with the inalienable right to pursuit of happiness, and in with “doing nothing that is of no use.” Thus begins an argument for embracing the death panels that are  now admitted to be part of Obamacare. They’re a good thing—that’s a feature, not a bug!—we just didn’t know it.

And get this: The arguments now put forth for the wonderfulness and beneficiality of death panels are straight out of the TEA Party! LOL! After all, we don’t want to “burden future generations by piling on debt, raising taxes, and weakening our defenses”!

Gee. When was the last time you heard a member of the government-media ruling class wringing his hands (they squeak when they wring; that’s how you can hear them) over increasing government debt, high taxes, and national defense? Like I say, “LOL.”

And as always, the comments after the column are as entertaining or moreso than the column itself:

“I paid for those benefits by working since I was 15 years old!”

“Wait until it’s you they say should die!”

“This guy is a misanthrope!”

“This column could use a death panel itself!”

“Your a moron!” (sic)

“I hope a death panel rules on you!”

“You should jump off a bridge!”

Heh. I don’t know what everyone’s whining about: You voted for it, America! Free stuff! You made your pact with the devil (if the movie actor likeness is to be believed); now you’re gonna have to live with the deal! And more important, you’re going to have to DIE with it.

So LOL: Enjoy your free stuff, all you Obama-voters.

But please shut up and stop whining: You will follow the orders of your government “end-of-life counseling” panel. You will die when you are told to!