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Jeanne Shaheen – Enemy of the Constitution


Yesterday, the US Senate voted on an amendment to “uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty“.

While this issue could come up for another vote during the session, this action essentially rejected the UN Gun Ban Treaty – officially called the “Arms Trade Treaty” (ATT) – which was recently committed to, last week, by shiny, newly minted Secretary of State John Kerry.  I find it funny that the negotiations for this treaty haven’t even been finalized and won’t be until March 28.

That lunacy aside, our esteemed Senator Shaheen (former Director of the Harvard Institute of Politics) decided that a very ambiguous UN treaty (which, by the way, gives more regulatory power to the Executive branch), should trump our Constitutional law and natural rights.

With this vote, Shaheen joins the ranks of other traitors such as former Harvard professor and MA Senator Elizabeth “Fauxcohontas” Warren, former editor of the Harvard Crimson and CT Senator Richard “I served in Vietnam” Blumanthal (also a former classmate of Bill and Hillary Clinton), CA Senator Dianne “I carry concealed” Feinstein, and MN Senator Al “Deep Thoughts” Franken (another Harvard genius).

This rejection is good news but the bad news is that 46% of the US Senate actually believes that the US Constitution is not “adequate” or “appropriate…within the context of the ATT.

I’d say we need fewer bleeding-heart Harvard/Yale types in Congress, because, in spite of their lofty educations, they’re not that bright.