How About Billboard-Sized Images of Female Genitalia on Campus? - Granite Grok

How About Billboard-Sized Images of Female Genitalia on Campus?


Nothing says “don’t objectify me by my genitals” than a dozen billboard size pictures—posted in public–of a woman’s genitals.  This, of course, makes sense to a left wing mind which is why it is happening on a University campus where left wing minds are hatched in a basement laboratory and handed out to the students like…

On Wednesday (March 6th), the University of Cincinnati Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Alliance and the UC Feminists will host a panel led by Planned Parenthood and Thursday (March 7th) will host an “art” display called Re-envisioning the Female Body featuring 12 billboard-sized images of female genitalia on campus.

I’d expect the heterosexual male population to “embrace” the art, pose in front of it with giant cardboard cut outs of…..

Perhaps they will assign names to each piece of art after women they may ‘know’ who share a likeness,  and generally get nothing much done for the duration of the “display”  because they will be too busy objectifying women based on their genitalia.

Ironic, I know.  College students are usually smarter than this.

It’s also, probably, a great day for dads who are paying their (non lesbian) daughters tuition to check in on campus life.   (See how I objectified there?)  At $12K to $46K per year, they will want to make sure they snatch a few pictures of the displays to show to their grand-kids, assuming the freedom’ part of ‘reproductive freedom’ ever actually means anything more than free sex.  (Which I have no problem with as long as I’m not the one paying for it.)

Note to my boss.  I will be out tomorrow.  I have to travel to um….someplace, to see um….I’m gonna have the flu .  Yeah.  That’s it.