HB135 "Stand your ground!" Rockingham District 4 State Representatives voting to kill it. - Granite Grok

HB135 “Stand your ground!” Rockingham District 4 State Representatives voting to kill it.

Self-Defense – a Natural Right.  After all, who is responsible, ultimately, for your well-being?  Certainly not government.  In fact, our founders recognized that this Right as being pre-existent to the formation of Government. They also acknowledged that this is not a Right that becomes null and void simply of the formation of Government.  Yet, it was only the last legislative session here in NH that Government realized that this Right had to be revived regardless of one’s location.  However, “Deputy Dawg” Shurtleff (who will always have his Right to have a weapon to protect himself simply by dint of his previous employment), Democrat, filed HB135 which would disarm otherwise lawful citizens no matter where they stood.

Fortunately, we are hearing from some Representatives that believe in Citizens’ Rights and that Government should not infringe upon them.  NH State Rep Dan Dumaine, who I met at the .223 day of Resistance, sent this along


Good news. All five of Rockinghan District 4 State representatives, myself, Stella Trombly of Auburn, Gene Charron and Joe Hagan of Chester and Jim Devine of Sandown will all be voting to kill HB135.

Dan Dumaine

Are there other State Rep and Senators out there that will vote to kill this bill?