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Guest post by Andrew Hemingway

Following Departure of Partisan Attorney General Delaney, Hemingway Calls on Governor Hassan to Appoint Independent-Minded Successor

Contact:  Andrew Hemingway

Today, Attorney General Michael Delaney announced he will not be seeking re-nomination as the head of New Hampshire’s Justice Department. This comes after a term when he used the job to push a liberal political agenda and spent too much time fighting the people’s elected representatives. Andrew Hemingway issued the following statement on Attorney General Delaney’s departure “ From his attempts to go behind the backs of the legislature to spend money to his refusal to stand up against the government takeover of healthcare, Michael Delaney has done well by the liberal base in our state.”

“As Attorney General, Michael Delaney engaged in partisan politics on numerous occasions and was repeatedly criticized for it by legislative leaders. Instead of working with the legislature to ensure bills were constitutional, Delaney went behind their backs and tried to spend money on speculative partisan lawsuits and ignored the wished of New Hampshire’s elected legislators [1]. He refused to join 28 other states in the lawsuit against Obamacare, even after multiple bills passing the legislature asking him to do so.”

“Michael Delaney did so well by the liberal base in New Hampshire that Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley said in the Union Leader today that Delaney would be ‘a credible candidate for any office he chooses. His future is bright, he is young so he has plenty of time to decide if and when he runs for office.’ [2] It is clear that all of Michael Delaney’s hard work in fighting against voter fraud protections and for the implementation of Obamacare has earned him a special place in the ranks of the New Hampshire liberal politicians.”

“Will Governor Hassan nominate another Attorney General that will use the job to espouse liberal policies and advance their own political interests or will she appoint an independent-minded constitutionalist to the job?” Hemingway concluded by urging the Governor to “do the right thing and nominate someone with a record of supporting the constitution and will be above the partisan political games.”

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