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By Whichever Ways And Means Make It Possible

From Ed Naile at NH Insider…

The Republican War on Women campaign was a secret code phrase for: women get to pay more for gas – especially those single moms who like big government.

For you single mom’s out there (Ed’s title was ‘Single Mom’s Love the Gas Tax’),  or any women at all, or even women who were not born women but feel like a woman, after getting slapped across the face with the Obama middle class tax increase at the beginning of the year, papa gubmint now wants to chew on a little more of your weekly revenue here in New Hampshire, with an 83% hike in the gas tax.

Welcome to the 83%…

Don’t worry.  You can probably exchange your gas receipts for some free birth control and a download of all the Obama’s Speeches.

Or…you could do as has asked, both here and at NH Insider, and suggest to the Ways and Means Committee that before anyone pass anything they figure out how much we are actually spending on roads and bridges, how much we really need, and most importantly–where we’ve been spending the highway and bridges money all these years?  It could be that there is ample funding but that it is the Robin Hoods (Highway robbers–get it?) who have been depriving the fund that is the caus of most concern.

Shoud there in face be a legitimate to deprive woring moms furhter, the government will only need to rob their pockets and pocket-books every week for as much as is required so that they might get to day-care, their place of employment, unemployment, the pharmacy, court, or wherever it is Democrats think women need to get to, without having to fund things irrelevant to the constitutional purpose of the gas tax.

*Working mom’s with smart phones can go hear and scan a QR code to get all the contact info needed to query their representatives, courtesy of commenter Keith (also at NHI).

Those of you with dumb phones can go here for the committee and/or here for the lot of them (some digging on your part required).  The Ways and means committee meets to vote on HB 617 this Thursday March 14th at 1:30 pm, in Representatives Hall.  Feel free to say hi, and give them your 15 cents about the Democrats massive gas tax hike.