Where Ann “Onward” McKluster Pretends She’s Obama

Ann Kuster wasn’t around to vote for the sequestration, or any continuing resolutions, nor was she there to watch as Democrats refused to send a

Ann Kuster
Ann Kuster

budget to their Democrat president, but she already knows it’s not her fault.

Here’s most of the turd of an email she left in my in-box (I took out all the links and bold text formatting.)

Just 2 days to go until March Madness ensues. The annual ritual of congressional dysfunction is unfolding once again in Washington and Americans across the country are feeling the impact.

But this time, the wheels of the bus are falling off – cuts to transportation and infrastructure, to air travel security and aviation safety, to Head Start, homeland security, and the list goes on and on.

But, you can help stop the March Madness — you can turn up the heat and insist that Congress tackle the budget with a balanced bipartisan approach. Will you add your name to our choir of voices demanding Congress work together?

All of this March Madness is brought to you as another national civics lesson by Speaker John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan.

But, we can stop them. We won the election in November and the American people are demanding solutions – not sequestration. That’s why I joined United Solutions, a bipartisan group of new Members of Congress who are committed to a different kind of budget cuts. We want to work to eliminate corporate tax breaks for oil and gas that we simply can no longer afford; and insist that our government negotiate for the lowest prescription drug prices for seniors on Medicare; and end taxpayer subsidies that drain the budget.

She sounds like Obama.

“Wasn’t me.  Uhhh I didn’t do that.  It was the Republicans who snuck into my administration and made me write a bi-partisan solution that would make the wheels come off the bus- cut transportation and infrastructure,  harm air travel security and aviation safety, add  cuts to Head Start, homeland security, and the list goes on and on.  Those Republicans used Democrats and the media to strong arm themselves in the House, convinced a Democrat majority Senate to pass it, and then uhhh…robo-signed it, as me, with my name, to make it law.  Uhhh I wasn’t even there.  I was in the uhhh situation room…uhhh, dealing with an uhhhh…situation.”

Hey Ann!  The Sequester was a bi-partisan Democrat bill, written by your deific Obama the Blessed and his band of Administrative angels.

Hey Ann!  It cuts a sliver of new additional spending, most of which Obama and his cabinet will determine?

Hey, Ann! If Democrats had passed a budget in the past four years we’d not be having resolutions and sequesters.

So are the people on your email list (myself excluded) so ill informed that they will actually believe you when they read this? Or do you just think they are that ignorant.

Here’s the rest of the email

Are you in? If so, please add your name in support demanding solutions not sequestration.

Don’t let the wheels fall off the bus. Grab your megaphone. Help us turn up the heat. March Madness is here and your voice will make a difference.

The time is now for Congress to act so America can get back to work.


Congratulations NH CD-2.  Your representative from Washington DC isn’t interested in the truth or accountability.  She’d just another lift wing, responsibility-dodging, finger-pointing lap dog for the national party apparatus.  Your elected ‘voice’ is just a another government-first, party before the people Democrat.

Not that we didn’t try to warn you.