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Joe Biden: “If it only saves one life!” Five against two. Guess who had the equalizer?

Five big guys against two guys.  Normally, the five guys are going to take what they want.  It did turn into, temporarily, a five on one.  And then… (reformatted, emphasis mine):

FAIRBORN —  One man was killed and another shot in the leg when they, along with three others, allegedly participated in a home invasion Monday evening where the residents fought back.   Police said Tuesday that it is still a bit unclear what prompted the five individuals, ages 19 to 23, to force their way into the Victoria Avenue home while brandishing a fake plastic gun.   Fairborn Police Sgt. Paul Hicks said the only motive they’ve uncovered was that the subjects intended to rob the home.

 Two Wright State University students who live at 1006 Victoria Ave. were home when the intruders entered.

5 on 2.  not good odds.

Trent Seitz, 21, reportedly struggled with the men and was ordered to the floor. He called out for his roommate, Christopher Muse, who told police that he grabbed a gun and fired at the men.


Ta’Vaun Fambrough, 19, was shot in the chest.  Three of the alleged intruders took off running, including 20-year-old Anthony Barwick II, who had been shot in the leg.  When police arrived they found those three individuals around the corner on West Parkwood Drive. Fambrough and another suspect were located at the Victoria address. Fambrough was taken to Miami Valley Hospital where he later died.  Barwick and Seitz were both treated for injuries sustained during the fight.  Deron McGuire Jr. 23, London Norman, 23, Barwick and Tavaughn Lewis, 20, were all taken into police custody and face possible charges of aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

 Equalizer – successful

Hicks said Seitz and Muse were not charged in the shooting as it initially appeared they acted in self defense. However, he said the case will be presented to a grand jury next week and more charges could be filed.  Police executed a search warrant at the home Tuesday and located a small amount of drugs. “There was no indication prior to this incident (that this was a drug house),” Hicks said. He said it appears that the drugs were for personal use, but may have played a role in the house being targeted.

Well, that was extremely dumb, ya think?  But even the stupid need to be defended (I think).


(H/T: Dayton Daily)