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GrokTV – 2nd Amendment Rally at NH State Capital

Along with the Right To Life Rally, there was a Second Amendment rally at the State Capital in Concord – I would have to say at least 400 enthusiastic, full throated, and intense gun owners and those whose political beliefs do not ride on the latest political fad but on the simple words of the Constitution.  They are concerned, they are angry, they have obeyed each and every law and restriction that politicians have piled upon them in defiance of “shall not”.

And, they are tired of being convenient punching bags for Progressives and gun haters.  I am bemused – Politicians are seemingly already frightened of these folks – so while rile them up?  To be truthful, this whole thing may well turn out to be Community Organizers meets armed and REAL angry men that don’t care that the self-made Organizers think that the REAL angry men are gonna fold like the Republicans in the US House; ain’t gonna happen.

And mid-term elections are coming and the NH Democrats are going to try to push HB 135 (which defenestrates the “Stand Your Ground” law) tomorrow?  Can you say TEA Party redeux with gunpowder?

NH State Representative Al Baldasaro started off this quickly put together rally: