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Decisive Flip Flops From Candidate for NH-GOP Chair

Patriotic Flip Flops
How About Those Flip-Flops!?

Given all we know already about Andy Leach (Senator Ayotte’s Office) making calls to candidates running against Jennifer Horn for NH-GOP Chair, who then suddenly dropped out of the race for NHGOP chair leaving Jennifer to run un-opposed, until Andrew Hemingway stepped up, this seems relevant.

Candidate Horn, on her Facebook page, provided two updates (one last night and one before lunch today) in which she provided details on the impending Fiscal Cliff deal in the US Senate.  The first included some specifics from Congressman Guinta’s Office (see also deals on continuing resolutions and debt ceiling that lead to the fiscal cliff), and a second update in which she summarized her continued displeasure with the deal.

But then it was learned that Senator Ayotte voted for the deal.   Did Jennifer get a phone call from Andy Leach as well?

I can’t answer that question.  What I do know is that Joe Barton says he posted a comment on Jennifer Horn’s Facebook page after Ms. Horn cried foul about the last-minute deal, asking if Senator Ayotte had voted for it (and mentioning that she did), with a link to the Senate roll call.  Mr. Barton’s reward for sharing was being banned from the page and our reward was another update from the candidate for NH-GOP Chair…

Unfortunately Republicans were put in a “no-win” situation last night- while these tax hikes are untenable at best, they were forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. No deal would have led to tax hikes worth many times this much that would have impacted 100% of Americans. I think there is a worthy debate to be had if perhaps that would have been the better path, but I am not going to hold it against anyone who felt they were at least trying to protect as many taxpayers as possible. My focus will continue to be on the President and the Democratic leadership who refused to offer a balanced, fair plan for the American people.

So we went from…

100 billion in tax increases a d(sp) NO SPENDING CUTS …. But millions in spending for alternative energy, Hollywood movie producers, and the usual Washington favors … Some deal …


Unfortunately Republicans were put in a “no-win” situation last night…

Speaking personally, I am not without regard for the problems and potential of a Kobayashi Maru no-win scenario, but it seems a bit suspicious to me for someone who posted all the negatives about the deal to do a 180 right after she found out that the Senator from New Hampshire whose staffer cleared the playing field for her race for chairman (until Andrew Hemingway jumped in the race) voted for the thing she was just so clearly against.

I can’t find Joe’s comment or link so it appears that this was removed along with Joe.  That could suggest that observations or input from certain wings of the party might not be tolerated in her NH-GOP; that’s the party where a US Senator’s staffer threatens to make sure the party money dries up if her opponent wins.  See where I’m going with this?

Whatever the particulars, and with or without Joe’s timely removal from Jen’s Friends list, Ayotte did vote for the deal, and Horn did do a 180 when she found out.

Denials may be forthcoming.  We love those so fire away.


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