Vote For My Girl, Or I’ll Turn Ugly

by Mike

Just when you thought the skullduggery in the NHGOP couldn’t get any worse, the establishment tipped its hand spectacularly.

First the history: When Jack Kimball surprised the establishment and won the chairmanship in 2011, and scored a small victory for conservatism, they couldn’t stop him getting the job, but they could certainly make it impossible for him to do the job, and they did.  The money dried up, the stories of mismanagement began to circulate, and key figures who should have been working with Jack started to undermine him.

Finally the calls from Washington to step down came so that money could begin to flow; the turncoat delegation, headed by two-timing loser, Jennifer Horn, came not to praise the chairman, but to bury him (strictly as a friend, of course).

Now the news: Today, John DiStaso reported that Jennifer Horn would run for party chair, and that she was unopposed. Unopposed, REALLY?
Only hours earlier, DiStaso reported that several others had considered and then stepped aside, but that Cliff Hurst, who rejuvenated the Manchester GOP, and who guided the success of the blowout NHGOP victory dinner earlier this year, was in the running. Hmmm. What a difference a few hours makes – what could have happened? No need to risk losing an election and having to deal with the messy business of toppling the chairman after the fact, if you can mount a smear and fear campaign in advance, and drive your opponent out of the race ahead of time. You see, Cliff Hurst is no newcomer to politics, is good at fundraising, and is happy to criss-cross the state meeting with town committees – he might just win if not neutralized immediately.

The smears – Cliff Hurst started getting phone calls from friends that the word on the street was that he had become senile. The money drying up – Andy Leach called Cliff from Ayotte’s office to advise that, if Cliff won, there would be no help whatsoever forthcoming from DC, just as had happened to Jack Kimball in 2011.

The bullying – Ray Wieczorek, a Hurst supporter, received call after call from Jennifer Horn until he relented and agreed to support her run; the Nashua city chairman was subjected to relentless pressure until he caved. (Jennifer’s home town chair couldn’t be allowed to express other preferences – that news traveled 4000 miles from her lips to my ears.)

And the party hacks – Charlie the RINO and Fickle Frank fell in line quickly, after all, they know where the dollars come from, and who cares that Cliff Hurst worked ceaselessly to elect Frank as mayor and then congressman?

Did it matter that Wayne MacDonald, current chair, who is respected, if not charismatic, was urging Cliff to run?
It’s midnight – do you know where your party’s at? Do you know if they are on your side?

It’s time, way past time, for a genuine conservative alternative to the NHGOP with its controlling cabal based at gnome HQ, and the rules manipulated to favor the moneyed elites.

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  • If you don’t vote for Jennifer Horn you can’t have any funding! How can you have any funding if you don’t vote for Jennifer Horn?

    If you don’t eat your meat you can’t have any pudding, how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

    • Van

      I love Pink Floyd. Thanks for the reminder Joe!!

    • They’re trying to sell us the Horn of plenty!

  • Van

    I like Horn and think she would be a good State Chair. Is there any chance Horn and Hurst could work together? Why does everything have to be a bloodbath with Republicans? Smarten up activists keep your powder dry for the democrats.

    • You’d have got me to say the same thing up until summer 2011.
      She’s likeable on the surface, and we put a lot of effort and money into helping her in the 2010 cycle, but you’re looking at the same person who couldn’t wait to be on stage and seen to be helping Jack Kimball when he won the chairmanship, and then couldn’t wait, and had to be first in line to tell him to leave a couple of months later.
      The reason Cliff can’t work with Jennifer is that the same people who are promoting Jennifer beat Cliff up mercilessly until he quit.
      Let us not ask whether the examplary and unifying Cliff Hurst can work with others, and instead ask ourselves why Jennifer Horn is happy for her supporters to destroy Cliff rather than reaching our and convincing him to remain vice chair.
      In short, it has to be a bloodbath because the NHGOP power brokers will not tolerate outsiders.
      They’ve picked the wrong time, and they’ve offended too many people. There is no looming election, and we have time on our side. I’ll paraphrase “W” – “we have to destroy the NHGOP in order to save it”.
      The party is dead, long live the party!

  • Tim from Nashua

    Unless Jennifer Horn has been transmogrified into an establisment toad in the past 2 years, she’s alright with me. She was tea party before it was cool to be Tea Party. If something has changed in the last two years, I’d appreciate if you cite your source.
    She is only a ‘2-time loser’ because The establishment NHGOP went all-in for RINO Charlie bAss.

    • Campaign debt => soul for sale => Establishment Toad. Transmogrified.
      She gave a great simulation of being tea Party when it wasn’t cool to be Tea Paerty – I’ve been tea Party from the beginning, too.
      It gradually sank in that Jennifer is all about Jennifer, but it was the quick turn from Jack Kimball’s best buddy to being first with the knife that put the icing on the cake.

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  • Let me just say that there will be complaints, but all my information was from very close to the source, and from people I trust completely.

  • Who do these
    hacks think they are? We need to shut up (keep our power dry) and fall in line
    because “we are not as bad as the Democrats”, really? Last time I
    checked it was a free country and I can vote for whom ever I want. I think the
    old white guy and woman NHGOP has it backwards. Hey I was at the beginning of
    the Tea Party movement also and warned Jack Kimball (look up Patriot in the
    dictionary and you will see a picture of Jack Kimball) about the two faced
    Horn. She was a wolf in sheep’s clothing then and remains the same today! She
    can’t even win an election and her campaign is mired in debt perfect choice for
    this irrelevant party. I wonder, how many vendors does she owe money to or
    should I say stabbed in the back just like she did to Jack! She is nothing more
    than an opportunist hack politician. She fits right in at the State GOP. She
    and that old windbag Sununu are two peas in a pod. What a great help he was
    during the election spewing hate speech against the Dems. Lost votes for Romney
    (three million to be exact)and he is the old white guy running the party in NH?
    He needs to go away. How many more times will true conservatives and Tea Party
    Patriots take it on the chin until they divorce themselves from this out of
    touch loser party? As spoken from a true Missouri Republican; we have just been
    raped but that’s ok we can self abort, yea! I just did, throw some dirt on the
    Republican Party they are dead and let’s move on. Third Party now!

  • Jonathan M.

    I worked on the Ovide campaign full-time and overtime after the primary, and I did not see Jennifer Horn at any of our events or in the office. Someone who has no time to volunteer for an awesome, high-level candidate has no time to be Chair.

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