An utterly horrible example of "Laws are for little people" - David Gregory will not be prosecuted - Granite Grok

An utterly horrible example of “Laws are for little people” – David Gregory will not be prosecuted

That would be David Gregory of “Meet The Press” and the event was him waiving a 30 round magazine on national TV in attempting to not report the news but trying to make the news in shaming / stigmitizing Wayne LaPierre of the NRA over the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Originating in DC.  Where having, possessing, and brandishing is illegal.  As Grokster Rick had in his post:

The law in question is titled: DC High Capacity Ammunition Magazines – D.C. Official Code 7-2506.01, and reads (my bold):

(b) No person in the District shall possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device regardless of whether the device is attached to a firearm. For the purposes of this subsection, the term large capacity ammunition feeding device means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The term large capacity ammunition feeding device shall not include an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.

Well, I had a thought on related post that mentioned this as a practical result here:

Sidenote: Example? Think David Gregory of Meet the Press and how he intensively grilled NRA’s Wayne LaPierre over gun control to the point of waving a 30 round AR magazine – deliberately breaking the law as even having such in DC is illegal. Yet, in that bastion of Democratness, has anyone seen him arrested for doing something on national TV that would have you and I arrested in 10 seconds flat? He was willing to be arrested to defend and promote a Progressive end point – disarming the populace.

10 seconds flat for you and me – and now never for David Gregory.  Dr. Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection has the news that being a Beautiful Person In The Press has juice (the media version of Crony Capitalism?) (emphasis mine – full Letter at the link):

Having carefully reviewed all of the facts and circumstances of this matter, as it does in every case involving firearms-related offenses or any other potential violation of D.C. law within our criminal jurisdiction, OAG has determined to exercise its prosecutorial discretion to decline to bring criminal charges against Mr. Gregory, who has no criminal record, or any other NBC employee based on the events associated with the December 23,2012 broadcast. OAG has made this determination, despite the clarity of the violation of this important law, because under all of the circumstances here a prosecution would not promote public safety in the District of Columbia nor serve the best interests of the people of the District to whom this office owes its trust. Influencing our judgment in this case, among other things, is our recognition that the intent of the temporary possession and short display of the magazine was to promote the First Amendment purpose of informing an ongoing public debate about firearms policy in the United States, especially while this subject was foremost in the minds of the public following the previously mentioned events in Connecticut and the President’s speech to the nation about them. There were, however, other legal means available to demonstrate the point and to pursue this line of questioning with the guest that were suggested to NBC and that could have and should have been pursued.

 OAG also appreciates that the magazine was immediately returned to the source that NBC understood to be its lawful owner outside of the District and that the magazine in question, with NBC’s assistance, has been surrendered to MPD. OAG also recognizes the cooperation NBC has provided in the investigation of this matter.

 “despite the clarity of the violation of this important law” – yeah, important my butt.  Look, I get “prosecutorial discretion” but if it is a slam dunk case with Gregory waiving his Fifth Amendment Rights by waiving the mag, this is a case of the Rule of Man having precedent over the Rule of Law.  Like we should be surprised – we are seeing this more and more at a faster and faster pace – the Feds and their cozy buddies decide who sits and who skates (just ask the New Black Panthers who where all but convicted by voting harassment but Obama’s politicized Dept. Of Justice throwing the case out).  There was a reason why the law was passed – those in DC do not want those types of firearm accessories even if the reasoning is fairly dubious from an actual results standpoint.

Oh yeah, Hot Air is reporting: the guy who made the decision, the DC Attorney General, is friends with David Gregory:

In this town full of lawyers it should be no surprise that this event sold out in 44 seconds….. The attorneys were Beth Wilkinson a partner at Paul Weiss (and wife of David Gregory, aka the Silver Fox, who was snapping pictures like a proud hubby!) and Irv Nathan, Acting Attorney General for DC. Both were hilarious and Beth looked so great in her black dress and patent leather heels, I was totally motivated to stick to my overly arduous diet

Isn’t that special.  Special friendship results in special results.  Boffo!