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Tom Brady (Not that one) Can’t Be On The NH-GOP State Committee


Actually, the other Tom Brady can’t be  an NH-GOP voting Committee member either but let us not get distracted.

NH-GOP Bylaws, Article 1, section 4A:

A.  Any registered Republican who, at the same time joins or allows his or her name to be used in support of a political committee or a defined group of individuals, that in title or effect is intended to be understood by the public to be a committee or group comprised in whole or in part of members of the Republican Party endorsing a candidate for elected office from another political party, when there is a candidate nominated by the Republican Party for that office, shall be disqualified during the then present and the next biennium from holding an office of the State Committee or any County or City Committee, from being a member of the Executive Committee and from being a member of the State Committee.

So why can’t Republican County Commissioner Tom Brady be a voting member of the Republican State Committee?

Brady violated NH-GOP Bylaws, Article 1, section 4A when he endorsed Democrat Jeff Woodburn.  Woodburn ran for New Hampshire State Senate in District 1, and was victorious.  His opponent, Republican Debi Warner, lost the race.

I doubt that an endorsement by this particular Tom Brady would have been of much use, but the bylaws are very clear.  He endorsed the Democrat–at least that’s what Jeff Woodburn’s Facebook page claims– without correction or retraction.

Jeff Woodburn for state senate Facebook page, Nov 2 2012:Tom Brady Coos County Commissioner endorsed Democrat

Former foes unite. Republican County Commissoner (sic) Tom Brady backs Woodburn for Senate. Since our tough race 8 years ago, Tom and I have become friends and worked together for the betterment of Coos County.” The Berlin Daily Sun broke the story today after Republican Senatorial nominee listed Brady as a public supporter. “Tom Brady is a respected, bipartisan leader. I value his support and will rely on his advice.”

(Emphasis mine)

I’d call that a violation of the by-laws. So Brady cannot hold any office of the state committee or any county or city committee.  That means that he cannot be a voting member of the state committee.

He is disqualified and must forfeit his position as a voting committee member.



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