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“The Future of the New Hampshire GOP”

I have been told that I will receive more details later on this afternoon” –  just like my Magellen GPS: “you have arrived”:

The Future of the New Hampshire GOP

Dear Concerned Republicans,

Like you, November 7th, was a very sad day for me. I awoke to the realization that we had been defeated. All the time, money, and energy seemed a waste. Though I had seen what I thought were some weaknesses, I could not imagine President Obama being re-elected given his horrendous record.

The country needs Republican leadership. States where Republicans govern are far better financially than those where the Democrats are in charge. We especially need principled Republicans in leadership here in New Hampshire.

Out of my anger and frustration, I began to analyze what went wrong and what needed to be done to correct our mistakes. Here is a short list that I came up with:

  1. Messaging: The GOP did not have a clear consistent message powerful enough to counter the constant barrage of lies from the Democrats. It is sad because we are RIGHT! We truly have the best interest of the voters, but we have failed to communicate that effectively. We must develop a powerful defining message that articulates to voters the values and principles of the GOP and we must deliver this message in an unwavering manner through every avenue available.
  2. Technology: We are way behind. So far behind that it is laughable, and as you have seen from recent news stories, we are being mocked. We must match the Democrats on every level and exceed them. We must use all digital communication platforms available. We have to develop new innovative ways to target, communicate, and activate existing and new voters in every town.
  3. Ground Game: We were out-organized every step of the way. From the national level to the state to the city and towns, we were beat soundly on the ground. As technology develops, it’s becoming clear the ground game, the door to door canvassing, the personal phone calls, the conversations at the corner store – all these activities are just as important as ever.

These are a just a few things, and I am sure that each one of you has several other things you would add to this list. The good news is that we can and we will improve in all of these areas because our state depends on it.

 I want to invite you to join me for a very special event. I will be hosting a Facebook Townhall on Monday evening Dec. 3rd at 8 P.M. I will send you the link to this very special event on Monday, Dec. 3rd.

I have a feeling that we will be getting a few more details in the future…