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NHJournal – Where Spelling Is More Important Than Integrity

I have to admit that Shawn Millerick got me good when he said I couldn’t spell.  Actually, the problem is that I am not terribly adept at typing and I try to squeeze out posts before work and after the kids go to bed.  I’m not always thorough.  But on a positive note, I don’t make up meetings out of thin air to smear my political opponents.

Millerick would also like you to believe that I am insulting a female candidate (Jennifer Horn) when I use the word pimping.   I apologize if I was unclear.  I’m actually insulting him, NHJournal, and whoever it is in the GOP establishment that is yanking his pull string.

They are the ones who cleared the deck in the Chairman’s race and then had Millerick take a cheap shot at the Tea Party side of the GOP with the faux-Kimball-meeting post.  Horn is just the newest chess piece in a game we played with the same so-called Republicans just two short years ago.

By the way, I’d like to commend Millerick on his choice of attack material.  The only other person in my memory to make similar accusations was Harrell Kirstein, in a press release for the New Hampshire Democrat Party.   I threw him under the bus, and he left me alone after that.

Shawn!  Just to be clear I didn’t actually throw Harrell under an actual bus.

I do not expect to be as fortunate here but whatever happens, let us not skirt the real issue.  I can go back and fix my spelling errors (which I did–my grammar is hopeless so forget that). And AFP can do whatever they want because I don’t work for them and I’ll keep blogging about what interests me whether I am Blogger of the month or not.  But can Millerick and NHJournal go back and undo the fact that they lied to their readers for what appears to be a political favor to GOP power brokers?  And how can anyone ever trust anything they put in print again given this complete lack of integrity?

Wait! Don’t pay any attention to that. I misspelled Shawn and Hynes and used the word pimp.  Now that’s important stuff.