"Jennifer Horn - Wayne MacDonald in a Skirt?" or even more derogatory "Jennifer has a bus - just like Obama's" - Granite Grok

“Jennifer Horn – Wayne MacDonald in a Skirt?” or even more derogatory “Jennifer has a bus – just like Obama’s”

SkirtThis reminded me of something that happened when Jack Kimball was running for NH GOP Chair

There is a crying need for revised American (and Israeli) military doctrine in the face of enemies who hide behind women’s skirts

Associated Sidenote: I also note with disdain from this morning’s WMUR Channel 9’s Closeup interview with Wayne MacDonald:

“When Jennifer Horn decided it was time for Jack Kimball to go..”

I wasn’t aware that it was her decision to make.  Interesting that the present NH GOP Chair would make such a statement.

Derogatory.   Yes, you’ve been seeing that word in my posts for a while – there’s been a reason for it (Steve sneaks it in every once in a while too).  It’s a blogger inside joke – something happens and you write about it in such a way that only those that were involved in the incident (generally a bad one) will “get it”.  And sometimes, if done right, it’s like that old Carly Simon song “I bet you think this song is about you“, you have a bunch of people thinking “Oh jeeze, he’s at it aGAIN”?  And you giggle, knowing that you succeeded.  And sometimes, it’s just enough to be eternally tearing off their scab.

So let this be a response of mine  to this FB page notification:

It is time for energetic, articulate new leadership for the NHGOP! Jennifer brings the experience, vision and most inportantly [sic], passion for Republican principles that we need to rebuild and refocus our efforts as a party!

SideNote: she’d fit in well at the NH GOP office; anyone notice, in this age of spell-checkers, the bad spelling in the official “professional” PR notices and emails emanating from Concord?  One would think that starting off her campaign, she’d get the announcement right (shades of John Huntsman, anyone?)

…by resurrecting this old email as a show of how she brings “unity” and continues another Republican Principle – throwing other Republicans under the bus by aligning with the Democrat spawned cultural Marxism, and Political Correctness: This has always been good advice:

NEVER get in a fight with a blogger – as a group we tend to keep EVERYTHING.  And be warned – we at the ‘Grok do so as outlined in our FAQs.

And Horn decided to do so.  So, the back story of all this.  This stems from the time that Patrick Hynes, political operative, my former radio co-host and friend, had accused me of a crime while we were absolutely bashing Sean Mahoney during his run for Congress.  Steve and I (mostly Steve, truth be told) did yeoman’s work to see that Mahoney lost to Guinta in the 2010 primary (as Hynsie torqued me off after trying to run Mahoney as a TEA Party dude after I warned him not to as Sean had NEVER shown up at a single event or help with a single event until he decided to run).

It spilled over to the NH GOP Chair race where a hit piece by Amelia Chasse was made at NH Journal that I was to be the Second Coming of then NH GOP Comms Dir, Ryan Williams.  Working with Jack on the campaign, I knew full well that there would be no way that would happen.  First, they couldn’t pay me enough, secondly, the opposition would only have to read the ‘Grok or my Letters to the Editor (no matter how innocuous, everything would be fair game) and thirdly, I had already told Jack that I was only helping and not looking for anything else.  Figuring that Hynsie was behind it (being it was NH Journal) I put up a post with a title of So, Hynsie wants to take another bite at the apple – but hiding behind a skirt?    So two outright lies, Chasse lied without a source – just like Millerick has just done.

Somehow Jennifer had Horned her way into that process and when the Political Correctness police on the Right at NH Journal decided I had violated their conscience (by using that old call-out of skaredy-cat males) SHE just insisted that Jack’s campaign just HAD to put out a presser throwing me under the bus (even after doing what I had been doing to help).  Jeff Chidester called me up all but in tears – he sent me a copy before it went out.  Look, it was politics – I got it; I wanted Jack to win.  But I wanted one word removed: derogatory.  I told him that – and I insisted upon it.  He took it out, realizing that it went too far and was too PC.

Horn put it back and IMMEDIATELY sent the presser out without authorization.

Jeff immediately left that campaign.  Horn turned out to be a Judas later on – going with O’Brien demanding that Jack resign – see above – proving once again that loyalty is a very thin coin in politics when personal advantage can be had at another’s expense – we’ve seen a few of those examples lately on the NH R scene.  Guess it is just not a valued principle – or is it a sign, as it seems to happen more and more, of the death spiral of personal morality made manifest in the public square?

So, I put this out when I heared that Jennifer had made me bus grease:

From: “Skip Murphy” <Skip@GraniteGrok.com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 11:34:06 AM
Subject: Political Correctness – Republicans can’t ween themselves off the Democrat tools either

Jennifer,Jack, Jeff:

Thanks for throwing me under the Political Correctness Bus with your return email to Shawn Millerick and handing your political rivals yet another stick with which to club you.  From that email:  “As for any derogatory remarks made by this blogger,”.

Congratulations – their strategy worked as they can now lead you around by the nose on the next thing that they can think of.  Also, their multi-level strategy of trying to split up your support has worked – they got you on the finance, they got you on the life issue, and now you’ve lost my support: Do not ask for any assistance from me for the remainder of this race.  I’m not going to answer ANY more emails or calls (of which I have had a TON)  from people asking “What was Jack thinking about Binnie and his job offer to you” and me trying to defend you.  Why should I?  You have just sacrificed me upon the Altar of Political Correctness.

Yes, Jeff showed me the email – the more I thought about overnight, the madder I got.  Yes, Jennifer, I TOLD you that I stopped being Political Correct quite some time ago and I stand by my post title – I don’t care if you like or not!

From a political standpoint, I asked that one simple change to done, that the word “derogatory” be removed because you would just be playing into the Political Correctness game they wanted you to do – they set the trap and you WILLINGLY walked into it as Jennifer said to put it back in.  You just have just thrown one of your strongest allies under the bus for mere political points.

BTW and not for nothing, you guys now have a NEW problem –  Hynse and crew have just started a Facebook ad strategy that more tightly tying Jack to Binnie…

Done, but not forgotten.  I cannot and will not ever trust Horn again. Nice to see that she stands by the Democrat value – Political Correctness is ONLY used to silence the opposition – and they talk about us going after those of us who actually defend the Platform and philosophy?  Lots of accolades for me from her that time.  Knife for me then, another one for Jack – who would be next?

The phrase “follow the money” is always operative in politics…a ball of string and a dollar bill.

Also ask yourself – if Horn was so easily led into that simple of a political trap, and she willingly stepped in with both feet (and other body parts), ask yourself: how MUCH fun will NH Dem Chair Ray Buckley have stringing her along?