How Do You Say "Fast and Furious" In Arabic? - Granite Grok

How Do You Say “Fast and Furious” In Arabic?

Back in the spring, the Arab spring that is, the Libyan Arab Spring to be more precise, the Obama administration had this great idea.  They had this plan where if they let weapons sneak across the border into Libya, and end up in the hands of terrorists, they’d be able to use that as an excuse regulate guns in the United states.


Actually, the Obama administration wanted to secretly arm Libyan rebels against Qaddafi Duck and asked Qatar to help them out.  Somehow or other…Gosh, I dunno how…most of the weapons (a lot of weapons) ended up in the hands of terrorists.

But the real story-not that it ever really is one–is that this happened a while ago, and it is only now being reported…by the New York Times.

“Only the News that’s fit to print, when it’s fit to print it.”

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