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Andrew Hemingway for NH GOP Chair

Andrew Hemingway For NH GOP ChairAs reported here and here, grassroots activist Andrew Hemingway has decided to challenge the Establishment candidate, Jennifer Horn.  If you are looking for more information, he has a Facebook page up here.  In fact, he is planning a reach out tonite via Facebook:

Dear Concerned Republicans,

 Today has been an exciting day for the future of our party! This morning I announced my candidacy for Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party. I am doing this because I have a unique set of skills that I want to use to serve our party and strengthen it. Tonight I will be laying out some of my vision for the future of our party. Please join me tonight at 8pm for a live Facebook Town Hall about my candidacy and my ideas to help Republican Party in New Hampshire. The video will be streamed on my Facebook page via Ustream.

Sidenote: or watch it live here after the jump:

Live video by Ustream

I am running for Chairman because we must sharpen our messaging, implement new technologies, rebuild our grassroots infrastructure, and revamp our fundraising abilities so we will have the staff and resources needed to battle the Democrats and win day in and day out. History has shown us that New Hampshire is a better state when led by Republicans. My background in business, political activism, and elected office and fundraising makes me uniquely qualified to lead the Republican Party in New Hampshire. I have experience in fundraising for campaigns and organizations on federal, state, and local levels and will bring this experience to the Chairmanship. I have examined what went wrong in past election cycles and have proven methods that can be implemented to make major improvements. Let us work together in a shared vision for a party that can win elections from the top to the bottom of the ticket year after year!

 What better night than tonight to have a serious discussion about the future of our party? Please join me at 8pm on my Facebook page for this special event!

 For the cause,

 Andrew Hemingway

DiStaso has some info on this repeat of the Establishment trying to run roughshod over the grassroots; while I’ll be doing another post on it, this caught my eye:

He promises that as chairman, he would “transform the technological infrastructure of the state party and utilize new methods to manage the get-out-the-vote program.

Livestreaming a campaign message is certainly not something that Horn could do – Andrew is putting his delivery where his mouth is.  Loyal readers know that this site has been doing livestreaming for a number of years – it does take some effort to set up and do a credible job.  Just hope that the UStream servers don’t let him down.