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An endorsement on behalf of Andrew Hemingway’s quest for NH GOP Chair

I received this earlier today from Ms. Monson – I do not know her but certainly we can put up her Letter:

“I’m electrified for Andrew Hemingway’s bid for Chairman of the NH GOP.  Andrew inspired me when I met him a couple years ago. Andrew is friendly and is animated. At our first meeting, he expressed his thanks for the American way of life and freedom.

The New Hampshire GOP had poor showing for the candidates in 2012. I found out that a local party can have an effect, but we failed to recognize that in our party. Andrew’s liveliness and sophistication with social media is necessary in the NH Republican Party. We must use our state’s weight in presidential elections to bring out donations from all over the country.

We need an individual to group the New Hampshire GOP and make it successful. Andrew is bound do a great job in winning over both the youth and senior voters we must win in coming years.


Mary Rose Monson”

There’s one!