Sifting The New Hampshire Rubble For Small Victories

Voter ID- NH Democrats can no longer suggest it suppresses turnout - Photo Credit Todd Wiseman

New Hampshire Democrats appear to have taken advantage of Judge John Lewis’ decision to scrap the domicile rules.  The end result was that busload after busload of out of state students were ferried to the polls to vote in New Hampshire.  They killed the constitutional amendments.  They elected a Democrat governor.  And they gave New Hampshire to Obama.  (I recall suggesting that exactly this would happen as a result, and that it was in fact the entire point of choosing Lewis to toss out the rules).

Before you think I am blaming this on the epic losses while it may be a factor I have not seen the numbers and that is not even my point–just a prelude to it.

The point?  Effective today, New Hampshire Democrats may never (ever) again seriously suggest that requiring an ID to vote either suppresses turnout or prevents people who vote Democrat…from casting ballots for Democrats at their polling place of choice.

Turnout was significant.  These voters chose Democrats.  Every one of them showed ID to do so.