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Brenda and John Grady – Toeing the Liberal Lie in Merrimack

I wasn’t going to expend any effort on these two, Democrats,  more moderate on their face than most I am told by some, but Democrats none the less.  But today (Sunday), they dropped off a page of printed nonsense at my home which requires some attention.

There are four bullet points on their missive to which they claim to object.  Downshifting costs to local government, the cost of college education (the reduction of State University funding), Gridlock (Washington and Concord), not listening to constituents instead of talking to them.

The Grady’s are making the case (without ever mentioning that they are Democrats) that they deserve your votes so they may right these so-called wrongs.  But by refusing to admit to their own pedigree or its history they–intentionally or not–participate in a deception that does the people of Merrimack a great disservice.

Did they fail to mention that they are Democrats because their own party leadership in Concord has a very sorry record on each of these points?

Does this mean that as members of that caucus they would be willing participants in a return to the same tax and spend grow government first agenda, just strong armed into not voting against it, or simply back-benched into irrelevance?

What kind of Democrats are they, other than the secretive kind?

The New Hampshire Democrats we know, in their short tenure, downshifted significant costs to local government, robbed them of revenue sharing on rooms and meals taxes, and pushed pension burdens down on local budgets.  They engaged in tax policies that reduced revenues in other forms of commerce that local governments rely on and demonstrated a willingness to incur debt whose service would inevitably fall on all of us in future years rather than spend responsibly.

They watched a college education in New Hampshire get more expensive regardless of the pittance the state actually gives the system for support without lifting a finger to do anything more than encourage the ineffiicent administrative structure that wastes those dollars.  And when push came to shove, were more than willing to gut any state system if they needed to fill holes in their unstable state budget.

At the federal level the Democrats have advocated for and continue to advocate for gridlock; where is the outrage at a Democrat majority US Senate that blocks everything to protect Obama, refuses to accept Republican ideas, and has refused in violation of the law to pass a Federal budget for three years; the same Senate that has already said it will gridlock government for another four years if a Republican is elected president?  Harry Reid has sworn nothing but gridlock.  Why do we not hear cries of outrage from the anti-gridlock pretenders like the Gardy’s?  Are they hoping we are too ill informed to know better?

And what of the Democrat gridlock in Concord?  When the Democrat majority had overestimated revenues instead of listening to Republicans who tried to propose tax and spending relief for New Hampshire residents in the midst of a recession, what did New Hampshire Democrats do?  They blocked every measure, voted it down, then spent more and taxed more until we had an 800 Million Dollar deficit with no money in succeeding years to pay for it.

Democrats do not listen.  Did Democrats listen when the people rose up at town halls in opposition to the spending and the taxes and Obama Care?  The Majority of Democrats (State and Federal) coninued to support it, defended it, spent more and taxed more, even calling their opponents a derogatory name like–teabaggers?  Yes, the ever tolerant Democrats who listen to their contsituents…when they agree with them.  Not so much if they don’t.

And where stood the Gardy’s on taxes, spending, the 800 million dollar hole left in the New Hampshire budget by Democrats, or the six trillion in new Federal deficits in less than four years accumulated with one resolution after another, massive debt we must now pass on to our children?

What of auto bailouts, and solar bankruptcies, funded by taxpayers?  Will they protect New Hampshire from these abuses or help federal democrats pass them on to futur generations under the cover of talkingpoints and lies about education spending or the war on women?

How about domestic energy?  Should we let oil compnies spend their own money to create US jobs and tap US minerals that keep energy affordable or do we waste billions of taxpayer dollars on bailouts that lead to bankruptcy and solve nothing?  Do they play at class warfare, race politics, or worse, aid and abett all of it by refusing to stand up to it in their own party, advocating it with their silence?

Where are the vituperative treatise against those calling Republican women whores, wishing rape and abuse upon them; where are their objections when black Republicans are called monkeys, uncle Toms, or worse beaten by Union toughs; what outrage do they speak when gay Republicans are bullied by the left, and Jewish Republicans treated like traitors?

Where can I find the noble words of Democrats like the Grady’s who object to idle references to violence against their opponents?  Are there none?   How then can we expect them to be any different than any other rank and file Democrat in the legislature?

The same Democrats who repealed parental notification and objected to its passage by Republicans?

The same Democrats who grew state government by 25% during a recession adding 100 taxes and fees while still failing to pay for it?

The same Democrats who locked out Republicans, ignored their guidance on revenue projections that were resonable in a down economy and found themselves in a budget crisis almost every day they were in the majority?

The same Democrats who left state employees hanging by a thread over and over while they tried to decide how many had to be fired to make up for spending in other palces we never had the revenue for even with all the new taxes and fees?

The same Democrats who would never ask the University system to be more efficient but would happily cut their funging to fill holes in their own budget if and when it came to it?

The same Democrats who object to school choice and private scholarship incetives that give choices to lower income kids who might never otherwise have them?

The Same Democrats who thought they could find a loophole to rob a private fund of 110 million dollars because they had to find money anywhere they could to balance their horrible budget?

The same Democrats who raided rainy day funds and shifted money between funds to make it look like they added revenue that simpy did not exist?

The same Democrats who reduced women to their genitals in an effort to support their straw man arguemtns about abortion and contraception?

There are 100 more questions we could ask, all of which conclude with a set of very simple facts.  It does not matter what the Grady’s claim to believe.  They are Democrats.   So Leadership will never let them slow or stop the left wing agenda that drives their party andt hey will never stand against it themselves if they have not done so already.  A majority that downshifted expenses, screwed with education funding to its detriment, engaged in gridlock at every opportunity to protect their tax and spend agenda, and refused to listen to the people even after they tossed them out of office in record numbers.

The New Hampshire Democrats running in 2012 are the same Democrats we removed from office in 2010.  The Democrat majoirty in New Hampshire still seeks to turn the Granite State into another Massachusetts.  They want a broad based tax, not to relive any other burden but to finance the spending they failed to pay for last time and then some.

We have no reason to beleive that they will not move to overregulate health care again, limit political speech again, raise more taxes in a recession, and get back to the business of deciding what or how much you should smoke, eat, or drink, through direct regulation or by taxing it until you are forced to change your behavior.  That they will not burden local business with more job killing regulations and taxes.

Will they raise your registration fees again, raise transfer taxes again, tax milk, soda, add a bottle tax, raise taxes on gas, beer, tobacco, tolls, hunting fees, licensing fees, …you have a right to know how they plan to pay for all the things thy insist State government must do.  Things county and local government probably do better and with less of your money.  When they say we need to have a conversation about taxes can they tell you how many and how much?  Where do the txes end, when will they have taken enough of your money, how much more state government do we really need?

They don’t know.  Nor do the Grady’s.  Because there is no limit.  And if you let them in, and we’ve got proof of the last Democrat majority, we cannot know how large they will try to make state government at your expense or how much of that cost will be crammed down on local government like last time.  And the Grady’s will not stop it.  The New Hampshire Democrat majoirty will use them like they use everyone else.

And they will let ObamaCare in because the Democrats who run the party want it.

Now perhaps I have been too bold?  Maybe there is a record out there showing that John and Brenda Grady have stood up to their parties antics.  Objected to the spending, the blatant partisanship.  The Bullying of Republican blacks, women, gays, and jews.  Maybe they’ve even suggested the Democrats stop calling us teabaggers?  I’d be happy to entertain such works.

Until such time, I’ll stick with my premise.  That regardless of how nice they are, how informed, how much they participate, that by failing to point out that they are Democrats, they are hiding from their own party in hopes of getting elected to a postion from which they will be nothing more than a rubber stamp for extremist New Hampshire Democrats who probably counseled them to sell themselves on points which their own party has violated at great length.  And is beleiving that not twice as bad?

Only a Republican will stand up to ObamaCare, to spending we can’t afford in a recession, to job killing regulations, taxes, and ensure revenue estimates and spending in line with what the State economy can bear.

The Grady’s may be the nicest people in the world, but in they are not Republicans.

And the first question you should ask, before you ask any other noted here…why did they not just identfy themselves as Democrats?  Why the need for such deception?