'Our Stripes' Disappears in the Night - Granite Grok

‘Our Stripes’ Disappears in the Night

Obama Print Flag Shirt - Gone from the web siteThe now infamous Obama Flag print with the Anal ‘O’ and five bloody stripes has apparently found the flat edge of the internet world and been consumed by the ethereal monsters that swell the memory abyss.  One of the duck-and-cover guards at Big ‘O’ is claiming it sold out, but BuzzFeed observed that other items that sell out stay on site with the friendly ‘Sold Out’ slug applied.

Given that the entire conservative blogosphere came out to make fun of the print, a ‘sold out’ sign on Obama’s “Our Stripes” shirt would have served as a great marketing tool for the political power and appeal of Dear Leader and ‘His Stripes.’  But it wasn’t sold out.   It has ‘disappeared’ like the maker of YouTube videos of Mohammad, quietly escorted to a waiting car in the night.


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