NH Primary Night Open Thread - Updated as often as I can... - Granite Grok

NH Primary Night Open Thread – Updated as often as I can…

OK.  I or other Groksters will post votes and updates here when we get them or more likley see them.  Feel free to email me results at steve@granitegrok.com.

Final Update (Scroll down for earlier entries)

WMUR goes live at 10 with their primary coverage.  I’m done for now.  We’ll catch up in the AM unless the other Groksters have more to add.

I did want to point out that it looks like 20,000 more people voted in the GOP race for governor with about 50% in.  If that holds, the Democrats are doomed up and down the ticket.


Looks Like Cilley Jackie is throwing in the towel.  Hassan win be Democrat candidate for NH Governor.  (Watch out for baseball bats)

nhpr 9:57pm via HootSuite

Jackie Cilley: “I called to congratulate Senator Hassan a few moments ago.” #nhprimary



joshrogersNHPR 9:50pm via Twitter for iPhone

Word @ Hassan camp is that Cilley has called Hassan to concede #NHpolitics


JimHaddadin 9:44pm via Web

Big win for Jackie in Rochester: Cilley (917); Hassan (690); Kennedy (125)

While everyone waits on Ovide to speak…not many updates in Social Media.  Time to get a beer from the fridge.


nhpr 9:23pm via HootSuite

With 30% in, @Maggie_Hassan leads the Dem primary for governor with 57%; @JackieForNH at 34%, Bill Kennedy at 8%.


Pelham House District 37 -11 spots (preliminary & needs to be yet combined with Hudson):
Patrick Culbert 386 P
Lynne Ober 385 H
Charlene Takesian 379 P
Russ Ober 343 H


Republican Kevin Avard wins primary (Nashua)…no other results there yet.



State Rep. District 22 (3 seats) Amherst Total
GOP Primary
Robert Rowe 797
Stephan Stepanek 800
Peter Hansen 774
Reed Panasiti 457

Smith Concedes to Lamontagne

nhpr 9:10pm via HootSuite

Kevin Smith: “Tonight I have called Ovide Lamontagne to congratulate him” on winning GOP primary for governor. #nhprimary


New Hampshire Governor Amherst Total
GOP Primary
Ovide Lamontagne 809
Kevin H. Smith 407
Robert M. Tarr 22



Daniel Dwyer 235
Peter Bragdon 942


tbsreporter 9:05pm via Web

Manch voters approve charter commission, 8001-5769.


nhkillion 9:03pm via Twitterrific for Mac

RT @ETNHEDITOR #Londonderry preliminary results: Smith 1,170, Lamontagne 1,027. Hassan 760, Cilley 209. Official not expected until midnight


JamesPindell 9:02pm via TweetDeck

#nhsenate Dist 9 R Primary: Fitzwilliam: Sanborn 144, Hawkins 43 #nhpolitics


MerrNHPatch 9:01pm via HootSuite

Hassan 767, Cilley 240, Kennedy 116 for Democratic governor.


nhpr 8:59pm via HootSuite

With 17% in at 9pm, Lamontagne leads Smith 69-29%, Hassan leads Cilley and Kenney 61-31-8%. #nhprimary


Klandrigan 8:58pm via Web

Music to Hassan’s ears: Nashua Ward 6: Hassan-249, Cilley-79, Kennedy-35. #nhpolitics


JamesPindell 8:57pm via TweetDeck

#nhgov R primary: Wakefield ovide 397 smith 124 #nhpolitics


JamesPindell 8:56pm via TweetDeck

#nhsenate-9 GOP primary Jaffrey: Sanborn 316, Hawkins 54 #nhpolitics


ExeterPatch 8:53pm via Web

.@Ovide2012 beats @smithfornhgov 788 to 295 in Exeter.


nhpr 8:52pm via HootSuite

AP calls GOP 2nd District congressional primary for Charlie Bass.

Retweeted by NHPRNews


ExeterPatch 8:53pm via Web

.@Maggie_Hassan beats @JackieForNH 1,455 to 284 in her hometown of Exeter.


JamesPindell 8:52pm via TweetDeck

EC-4 Londonderry: Burns 673, Rolecek 743, Deblois 440 #nhpolitics


JamesPindell 8:50pm via TweetDeck

#nhgov new hampton – smith 84 / ovide 170 / hassen 84 cilley 77 #nhpolitics


GregMooreNH 8:46pm via Twitter for iPad

Bolster, Dwinell and Day lose seats. Stroud nearly does. Not a great day for anti-RTW GOPers. #nhpolitics


If you missed it, Greg Moore has tweeted that Peter Bolster has LOST his primary.  (yeah!)

Pam603 8:48pm via Web

Goffstown, NH election results: Republican: ExCouncil: Burns 613; DeBlois 518; Rolecek433


JamesPindell 8:46pm via TweetDeck

#nhgov D update: w/ 36 of 301 precincts reporting @Maggie_Hassan 6204, @JackieForNH 2987, Kennedy 872 #nhpolitics

GregMooreNH 8:41pm via Twitter for iPad

Incumbent reps who have lost so far: Bolster, Swinford, Dwinell, Deloge, Bergevin. #nhpolitics

Retweeted by JamesPindell


annmarietimmins 8:41pm via TweetDeck

Bill Grimm takes Franklin over Josh Youssef, 386-216, in District 7 #NHSenate race. #nhpolitics


JamesPindell 8:42pm via TweetDeck

EC-3 Colin Van Ostern declares victory in Dem Primary #nhpolitics


Pam603 8:41pm via Web

Goffstown,NH election results: Burt 1,085; Meaney 927; Beliveau 926; Pratt 817; Hikel 770; Day 708; Weeks 629; Soderquist 545


AP Calls CD-1 for Guinta

nhpr 8:35pm via HootSuite

AP calls Republican 1st congressional district primary for Frank Guinta.

Retweeted by UnionLeader


Merrimack CD-1


*Frank C. Guinta
Rick Parent 265
Vern Clough 50


Merrimack House Hills 21

State Representative

*Kathleen Stroud 1044
*Joseph D. Thomas 1145
*Richard Barry 1448
Tracy Alan Coyer 643
*Dick Hinch 1592
*Jeanine Notter 1493
Daniel Oberlander 904
*Tony Pellegrino 1532
*Lenette M. Peterson 1433
*Phil Straight 1265


JamesPindell 8:32pm via TweetDeck

Albany – smith 27 / ovide 43 / cilley 20 / hassen 25 #nhpolitics #nhgov


Pam603 8:32pm via Web

Goffstown, NH Election results: Governor: Democrat: Hassan 605; Cilley 255; Kennedy 95


JamesPindell 8:31pm via TweetDeck

New Boston #nhgov D Hassan 257, Cilley 112 #nhpolitics


JamesPindell 8:29pm via TweetDeck Random grab bag: #nhhouse R primary in New Boston. A Bill O’Brien leads with 468, followed by Bob Mead at 296, John Quinlan 162


Klandrigan 8:28pm via Mobile Web

NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien on his way to topping ticket. Ex-Chief of Staff Bob Mead likely to grab 2nd spot. #nhpolitics


JimMerrillNH 8:25pm via Web

Looks like all 10 wards of Concord are in: @Ovide2012 takes the city with over 1,900 votes – 72% of the vote.


JamesPindell 8:23pm via TweetDeck@Maggie_Hassan has won every ward in Portsmouth. Not good for @JackieForNH #nhpolitics #nhgov


Klandrigan 8:19pm via Mobile Web

Cilley wins Farmington by just 7 votes, Kennedy gets 26 or about 10%. #nhpolitics


JamesPindell 8:18pm via TweetDeck

1st #s in #nhsenate Dist 9 GOP !! New Boston: Sanborn 436, Hawkins 101 #nhpolitics


JamesPindell 8:17pm via TweetDeck

Bow Jackie 389, Maggie 371, Bill 18 #nhgov #nhpolitics


nhpr 8:09pm via HootSuite

Still early going: with 4% of precincts reporting, Lamontagne and Hassan ahead in the GOP and Dem primaries, respectively. #nhprimary


 Merrimack Results
Smith – 659
Ovide – 1635
Tarr – 28
Dwyer – 1271
Bragdon – 900

JamesPindell 8:11pm via TweetDeck

EC-4 Vegas Ward 5: Rolecek 69, Burns 77, DeBlois 127


nhkillion 8:04pm via Twitterrific for Mac

RT @Klandrigan Cilley wins two of Claremont’s three wards in by only 20 votes. #nhpolitics


Klandrigan 8:05pm via Mobile Web

Portsmouth Ward 4: Hassan-213, Cilley-174, Kennedy-29. #nhpolitics


JimHaddadin 8:07pm via Web

Farmington: Jackie Cilley (142), Maggie Hassan (135), Bill Pearce Kennedy (26)


EC-4 Vegas Ward 1: Rolecek 412, Burns 279, DeBlois 357 #nhpolitics


nhrepAntosz 8:04pm via Facebook Republican primary Results EPPING: State Representative: (2 seats) Harris 209. Antosz 192. Webb 124. Flanagan… fb.me/1TqXFp3WQ


New London ovide 408 / smith 150 / cilley 220 / maggie 289 #nhpolitics #nhgov


Kenneth Kreis Sr 7:46pm Sep 11
Early results from Canterbury/Loudon Merrimack District 9 Republican race – Kreis 515, Lockwood 439, Shaikh 343. I want to thank the RLCNH for having their representative at both polling places passing out support cards.


Klandrigan 7:55pm via Mobile Web

Hopkinton, Gov. John Lynch’s ex-address: Cilley-432, Hassan-419. #nhpolitics


JamesPindell 7:55pm via TweetDeck

Is Kennedy a spoiler? Well Jackie lost Concord by 172 votes, Kennedy got 196 votes #nhgov #nhpolitics


7:54 KLandrigan

Jackie Cilley dream town? Meredith (ex-donor town)- Cilley-193; Hassan-21! #nhpolitics



Dwyer beats Bragdon in Merrimack 1271 to 900. Won’t know the remaining results until later. Polls still open in Milford, Amherst.

Barnstead Cilley 138, Maggie 134 #nhgov #nhpolitics



Keene Ward 4: Jackie 270, Maggie 125 #nhpolitics #nhgov

Ovide Lamontagne takes four Manchester wards all by 3-1but as hometown boy he should. #nhpolitics

North Hampton: Hassan 240, Cilley 133, Kennedy 13 #nhgov #nhpolitics



Hassan wins Manch Wds. 1,6,8 all by better than 2-1, Cilley takes Ward 10 by only 15 votes. #nhpolitics

EC4 Manch Ward 6 DeBlois 340, Rolecek: 145, Burns 245 #nhpolitics

TIE? Concord Ward 10 Maggie 265, Jackie 265 #nhgov #nhpolitics


7:45 Pindell (Twitter)

EC4: Manch Ward 12 DeBlois 205, Burns 204, Chuck 129 #nhpolitics



RT @ConcordNHPatch: In #ConcordNH Ward 1, @JackieForNH beats @Maggie_Hassan 192-176; @Ovide2012 beats @smithfornhgov 189-76

Dover Ward 2 Ovide 209, Smith 63 #nhgov


7:39 Pindell

BTW AP is reporting that with 5 of 30 precincts in HOT HOT HOT EC4 race: Tom 1399, Burns 984, Chuck 914 #nhpolitics


Twitter:7:37 James Pindell

1st #s in Dist 4 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Auburn Chuck 330, Burns 164, Deblois 123 #nhpolitics


Twitter:7:34 James Pindell

Manch 9 Maggie 299, Jackie 145, Bill 38 #nhgov #nhpolitics


Twitter:7:34 James Pindell

Keene Ward 3 Jackie 218, Maggie 141, Bill 19 #nhgov #nhpolitics

Twitter: 7:30
“If Hassan doesn’t do well in Concord, could be long night. @BenLeubsdorf: Concord Ward 6: DEMS Hassan 147, Cilley 145. #nhpolitics”

Dover NH Ward 6 Ovide 179, Smith 106, Tarr 10; Guinta 219 Parent 43 Clough 16; Weeden 205, Castaldo 158, Andolina 140, Fullerton 126

Manchester, NH, Ward 10: Governor: Ovide 506; Smith 165.