Mythology 101: The Imaginary War On Women" - Granite Grok

Mythology 101: The Imaginary War On Women”

All we hear nowadays from the Left is that Republicans are waging a war on women; the logical fallacy of the premise escapes most of them (and those driving this meme merely smile behind closed doors): really, would even the Stupid Party really decide to wage a war on 51% of the US population?  Well, two plucky ladies, Jane Cormier and Sue DeLemus decided that they were tired of listening to this pile of horsepucky here in NH (hearing nothing and seeing nothing in way of leadership-espousing-truth from the NH GOP top puppy dude in public) and decided to do something about it:

Heh!  These two ladies are not done yet, I believe.  They have it right – this is nothing more than Democrats trying yet once more to defend extracting $$ from some in taxes to support a libertine (not libertarian) lifestyle.  This is nothing more than a campaign throw-away; you watch, this will be just like how all the anti-war demonstrations stopped once a Dem ascended (“ascended” – after all, we are talking about His Won-ness) to the Oval Office.

And I duly note that the Rick Santelli workalike of this manufactured angst and High Priestess of the Sacrament of Contraception, Sandra Fluke (again, a 30 year adult forever-student who can’t seem to make a priority decision between a couple of Starbuck lattes and a box of pills / condoms?  Or, heaven forbid, abstinence via self-control?), was unable to persuade her own college of the dumbness of brilliance to change its healthcare policy to her likeness.  Poor dear….