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The Promise of The Democrat Police State

Inconvenient Speech Equals handcuffs in the Democrat Police State
Inconvenient Speech Equals handcuffs in the Democrat Police State

Democrats obstructing speech they object to continued… after yesterdays post, which produced some necessary followup.  Obama campaign officials obstructed a Pennsylvania reporter from speaking to Obama supporters waiting outside, in line for an Obama rally.  A Commenter, C. dog, responded with a link to this story from 2008, at the Democrat National Convention, in Denver.

ABC reporter Asa Eslocker was filming for a story about the financial influence of lobbyists and wealthy donors.  While taking pictures of Democrat Senators and others on a public sidewalk he was arrested and detained by the police.

He was prohibited from reporting, removed from the scene, and later released on a $500.00 bond, according to reports.  Two months later the charges were dropped.

ABC has stories of a similar nature about Republicans and Lobbyists.  None immediately popped up in search from the same time period in the 2008 election for Democrats and Obama.  Sounds like more happened after the arrest than just “dropping the charges.”

You might also recall the curious arrest of David Willoughby at a Clinton-Barret Rally in Wisconsin.  Willoughby was counter protesting, supporting Governor Scott Walker, and was abruptly detained by police.  The narrative that came out explaining his detention made no sense, and the evidence suggests it was fabricated to remove an inconvenient obstacle.

Willoughby was silenced by the police state.  Cuffed, detained, pictures prints, and cited.  The police claim he was never actually arrested.  SO what was all that other stuff…busy work?  Willoughby is now on file as a dissident, I suspect.

And the Left wing band played on…with no evidence yet that Republicans are arresting or detaining, reporters or protesters.  That says a lot about Democrats.

Oh, and didn’t we tell you this would be a problem? Rick Barnes here, me before that here, …