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Spenders, Please Wake Up!

I just read the Merrimack Patch’s Letter to the Editor, and I must say that it’s disconcerting at best.  You can pretend all you want that we live in a land where we can spend, spend, spend and somebody else will pay without heartache.  But to me, that’s delusional and irresponsible.  That’s walking up to a child, knocking her off her bicycle, taking her ice cream, and then riding away pretending not to notice the upset cries as you careen down the street.  Well there are cries, and they’ll get louder.  $16,000,000,000,000 of debt will begin to level some serious cries and pretending that the Orwellian named “Affordable Care Act” is A. Affordable, and B. will actually provide care when you need it is, indeed, an act of delusional, irresponsible lunacy.

The bottom line, the Letter notes, is that “…President Obama’s $716 billion in Medicare savings won’t cut benefits…” (note the elastic term “benefits”, it could be argued to mean anything eh?). That’s not the bottom line! The bottom line is the bottom line. And the bottom line is that this sad, irresponsible piece of legislation costs $2.6T! That’s the bottom line. Where do you imagine we’ll get that? And, more importantly, do you actually trust the government to efficiently manage such a costly behemoth? I certainly don’t.  It can’t even manage to simply keep Secret Service agents off of cocaine and prostitutes during a presidential detail.  How in the name of Lord Byron is it going to manage something that costs $2.6T, is over 2,700 opaquely worded pages, and includes 1,051 “Secretary shall,” 371 “Secretary may,” and 222 “Secretary determine”?  And we’re not even addressing what happens when the Secretary’s capriciously redefines a “may” from one day to the next.



For those out there that are like Mr. Gorin and need to be exposed to the bottom line, take a look at the two chart’s and see if you can determine the real bottom line.  You better understand it because you’re going to have to explain it to your children and to your children’s children.  And you better make sure you have a good grasp of the details and can answer the question, “Was is worth it?”.

You liberals, lefties, Democrats, and Republicans that spent us to oblivion by  bathing in the future’s earnings to enrich friends, family and felons will have to explain it to future generations.  I’m sure you’ll all point fingers, I can’t imagine you’ll ever grow the courage to take responsibility for your actions.  But sooner or later, your tale will be told and you may not feel it, but believe me your descendants will be ashamed. Ashamed of you.

NOTE: This was originally posted at my blog on Merrimack Patch. The only change was the reference to the Letter to the Editor.