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NH Foreclosures Trending Downward

Foreclosures in New Hampshire are steadily trending downward
Steadily Trending Downward In New Hampshire

Fosters Daily Democrat (Fosters.com) is reporting some encouraging news on New Hampshire home foreclosures…

The cumulative total through the first half of the year — 2,029 foreclosure deeds — is about 3 percent below the same period in 2011, when there were 2,100, and 7 percent below the same period in 2010, when there were 2,188.

…”Barring disruptions in the economic recovery, there is reason to believe the number of new foreclosures in New Hampshire will continue to decline,” said the authority.

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… the number of foreclosure action notices — an up-to-date indicator of the number of households that have fallen seriously behind in mortgage payments — are also on the decline. In June, there were 562 foreclosure auction notices — a 15 percent decrease from the 663 in May and a 9.5 decrease from June 2011.


H/T Kathleen Callahan 8/10/12 Fosters.com