Mitt Romney made a gaffe: He told the truth. - Granite Grok

Mitt Romney made a gaffe: He told the truth.

The Lamestream Media liars were stumbling all over themselves last week to convince everyone—perhaps even themselves—that Romney had committed a terrible gaffe! in Israel! Turns out he made the unexceptionable observation…

…that Israelis are rich (not to say civilized), while Palestinians are poor (not to say subject to murderous thug “governments,” i.e. the Palestinian Authority and Hamas). Gaffe! Gaffe! Gaffe! The morons in the Mainstream were working overtime. In the meantime, Jonah Goldberg over at has a piece where he urges “Mitt, More Gaffes Like This, Please“! In it he points out that “In 2006, the World Bank issued a study, ‘Where is the Wealth of Nations?’, which found that ‘natural capital’ (croplands, gold deposits, etc.) and ‘produced capital’ (cars, roads, iPads, etc) amount to a small fraction of a nation’s wealth.” It’s pretty good. Read the whole thing HERE.

In the meantime, as in many cases, the civilian commentary that comes after the article is fully as interesting and engaging as the article itself! In this case, I was struck by one exchange, and repeat it here for everyone’s edification:

To the pathetically and wilfully deluded Left, saying one culture is better than another is the worst crime there is. Cultural relativism is part of their mythology, dunderheaded though it is.
Darkness Fish Wrote:

Unless, of course, you are putting down Christianity, American culture, or western culture in general.