Subject: A lady shopping in a Texas store...and the massacre in Aurora, Colorado. - Granite Grok

Subject: A lady shopping in a Texas store…and the massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

Thank you for shopping here, ma'am, and God Bless Texas.

The lady above is said to be shopping in a Texas Wal-Mart. I am delighted to see it, and hope to see the same in New Hampshire: As any rational person can see, stores with customers like this are far safer than without. You doubt it? Consider the massacre in the Aurora theater: If only ONE person carrying concealed had been present…

…people’s lives could have been saved, possibly every innocent victim. What is the insane response of anti-Second Amendment and anti-self defense nutcases? Such people—predominantly Democrats—consistently argue that everyone should be disarmed. Are they crazy?


I mean, why to they argue like that? Is it to make sure that would-be mass murderers don’t feel discriminated against?

I don’t know. You tell me.