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Question of the day…

Let me just get this out of the way?  “Question of the Day…” will not be a daily feature unless someone else on the Grok payroll (which is a lofty sum of $0.00 dollars) bails me out…almost every day.  My follow through is simply not that reliable.  But I liked the sound of it so here we go.

In the wake of Bill Clinton channeling Barack Obama and amalgamating the women running against each other to be the Democrat candidate for governor of New Hampshire, when should we expect the much anticipated Clinton endorsement campaign video…from either the “Maggie” or “Cilley” campaigns…seeing as they now have a dual claim to the endorsement.

I noticed that Maggie ‘Louisville Slugger’ Hassan has some lovely still shots of the event.  But no video yet.

Here.  We’ll help you.  I never get tired of this one.