Guest Post by Mac Kittredge - Endorsement for Sam Cataldo - Granite Grok

Guest Post by Mac Kittredge – Endorsement for Sam Cataldo

Mac has been a good friend to the ‘Grok as well as a long time advocate for individual Liberty and Freedom.  When he asked if we would post this, the answer was “absolutely!”

Sam’s the Man for NH State Senate (District 6)

Representative Sam Cataldo is running for NH State Senate. He brings the same focus and dedication that he brought to the NH House, because these jobs are critical to the welfare of New Hampshire! Tasks requiring far more than just good intentions, they require an extensive, diversified background and education; leadership and communication skills; hard work and dedication; and lots and lots of time.  The time requirements are very much greater in the Senate; it’s a full time job, and then some. Sam has a proven work ethic in the NH House, where he serves as Clerk for the Science, Technology and Energy Committee. He has the upbeat, collegial attitude of a cheerful warrior. He should, he’s a pilot and a Vietnam Era USAF veteran. He’s running because his oath to “Preserve and Protect” our nation and its Constitution didn’t come with an expiration date.

With wise and frugal spending, NH can balance its budget, but this alone is not enough to create a positive climate for free enterprise and job creation. Over-regulation, bureaucratic delays and massive red tape can discourage dynamic growth just as much as ruinous taxation. In view of this, Sam brings a wealth of practical, real-life experience; including six years in the legislature and over 50 years as a leader in business, engineering and technology. He wants to streamline state government, to continue lowering taxes and fees, to make NH future friendly and enhance the NH Advantage so that ours is the best state in which to live, get an education, find a job, raise a family or start a business.

To insure a bright future for our children, Sam will strive to return sovereign control of schools to the localities whenever practical. He recognizes that parents are the first and primary teachers of their own children, and that the job of the state legislature is to support this role. We must also empower local jurisdictions to provide for, fund and administer public schools; and that this must be decided by local voters, parents and their duly elected representatives; not by distant, unelected judges, however well intentioned.

New Hampshire’s beauty is as precious to Sam as it is to you and I! He will foster and preserve our environment; the land, the water and the air; even the business climate. As the former chairman of the House “Renewable Energy Study Committee,” Sam continues to actively encourage renewable energy; specifically Enhanced Geothermal Electric Generation. A thriving economy depends on abundant, affordable energy. We can have a wonderful place to live and cheap power too ~ if we are clever and responsible.

I know first hand of Sam’s integrity and independence. His fierce desire to protect your fundamental rights and mine. He will only submit or support legislation that is congruent with the unambiguous bedrock of our state and federal constitutions!  Sam believes in protecting the value of your vote by supporting Voter ID, providing for the special needs of our senior citizens and supporting your right-to-work as vigorously as your right-to-unionize or to go into business. He’s a NRA lifetime member.

Representative Sam Cataldo is running for the NH State Senate in District 6 (Rochester, Farmington, New Durham, Alton, Barnstead and Gilmanton). He would be grateful for your support on September 11th (the GOP primary) and November 6, 2012. Thank you!

Mac Kittredge

Derek MacMillen Kittredge, Esq.
Justice of the Peace
Rochester, New Hampshire