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Dennis Lamare – Nashua Telegraph Interview

NH CD-2 Republican Primary candidate Dennis Lamare (Challenging incumbent congressman Charlie Bass), was recently interview by the Nashua Telegraph.   Dennis is running as a Constitutional Conservative and in defense of State sovereignty.  He who would act to limit the abuse of congress and vote against anything the US Constitution has not empowered the Congress to do.  Here are some highlights from the article.

“If you look what Congress’ responsibilities are … it’s very limited in scope,” he said. “It does have the responsibility, on a federal level, on a macro level, to take care of commerce and, unfortunately, to declare war. … Everything outside of that is left to the states and the people to decide.”

“My objective is to go down there and be different … to support the people, to give us back our rights and to make sure we don’t spend more than what we have,” he said.

“I’m not looking at how much (Bass) has to spend or how much I have to spend,” Lamare said. “That’s not the issue. The issue is his voting record, and how he is misusing his office and his voting record to misrepresent New Hampshire and the United States. … It’s not going to cost me a lot to beat Charlie Bass.”

Dennis’ web site can be found here.