So, are Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass Conservative heros or zeros for their voting records? - Granite Grok

So, are Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass Conservative heros or zeros for their voting records?

Over at RedState, I learned of this new site, The Madison Project, whose purpose is to measure our Federal Representatives to see if they measure up to their districts.  Put it another way, are they acting as Conservative as their District is, worse, or better.  For instance, if a Rep is very Conservative Republican but is from a very Democrat leaning district, consider them a hero (for as long as they can stay elected, that is).  Or, if they are underperforming (i.e., in a district that is evenly split, but as a Republican, their votes show them to be a squish or vote like a Democrat) consider them a Zero.  Especially when election time comes around:

Worse yet, during every election cycle, nearly every single Republican candidate is quick to promote cherished American values such as free enterprise and individual liberty while out on the campaign trail. However, once elected, a disheartening majority of these elected officials end up abandoning the very principles that got them elected. They talk the conservative talk at home and walk the statist walk in D.C. Worst of all, many of these members of Congress represent strong conservative states and districts. They’ve been able to hide their not-so-conservative performance…until now.

Through, the Madison Project is committed to putting an end to this duplicity by exposing Republicans whose liberal voting actions speak louder than their words. Our goal is to give voice to the millions of Americans who demand that their elected representatives govern by conservative values … and to aggressively primary out those that shamelessly pander to them during elections.

Indeed!  So I looked up Frank Guinta (R-NH CD-1) and Charlie Bass (R-NH CD-2; hey didn’t he promise to NOT run this term last time???).  Based on their methodology (using, in part, Club for Growth and Heritage Action scores):

The NH Result:

Madison Project - Guinta BassCharlie’s score did not surprise me – his Dad started the Progressive Republican group and Charlie himself self-identifies as a Progressive Republican (having been the head of the Main Street Republicans).  According to Madison’s interpretation, Charlie is certainly underperforming in his district. Sure, CD-2 is Democrat / Liberal leaning, but Charlie is living up to both his own Progressive label (which might be entirely the reason for his performance).  He also, given that Kuster was going to run against him again, may be scared that if he were more Conservative, he’d lose.  Question to Charlie:  do you think that voting Dem-lite is going to save you this time?

SideNote: anytime someone describes themselves, as the Main Street Republicansthis group does, as “pragmatic”, all I can think up is Progressives now starting to describe themselves as “pragmatic – what does that tell you?

Frank, on the other hand, did not impress.  Given the thrust of the TEA Party / 9-12 philosophy AND the push these kinds of folks gave him, it could have been better….much better.  A 75 is a so-so.  Not an “A” (scores of 89.5 to 98.5, in admittedly high R+ districts), and not even an “Honorable Mention” (Ann Marie Buerkle, in a D+3, out scored him with a 86.5 – more Conservative voting in a much more Liberal district).  So, I guess my “enthusiasm gap” kinda is the same as his score….

For the entire list, go here.