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Slippery Slope…?

Sylvia Larsen is making a slippery slope argument against the New Hampshire Senate’s passage of a bill that would make causing the death of an unborn child murder.

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Sylvia Larsen, D-Concord, joined other Democrats in criticizing Forsythe’s bill. “I think it establishes a bad precedent. It establishes a non-scientific basis for homicide. It establishes a slippery slope, defining a fetus as early as eight weeks,” she said.

So if someone in days of yore had aborted the as yet unborn Sylvia Larsen (The Senator formerly known as a slump of tissue), before eight weeks, we’d have never been able to remind the citizens of New hampshire that Sylvia Larsen has been endorsed and supported by EMILY’s list, which only backs Democrat Women  who…

…support unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand. EMILY’s List has withdrawn its support from women who vote against even the most extreme abortion positions.  For instance, Mary Landrieu, the…Democratic Senator from Louisiana, lost EL’s backing when she voted in favor of a ban on partial-birth abortion.””

I’m so glad we have this opportunity.

So forget the slope and the “non-scientific basis for homicide,” current Democrat State Senators Sylvia Larsen, Amanda Merrill, and Molly Kelly have all received support from EMILY’s list.  (As have Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan, Jackie Cilley, Ann McLane Kuster, etc.)  To these Democrat women, there is no scientific basis for homicide at birth, forget about 8 weeks.

Did I mention that abortion was exempted?  This bill applies to the definition of the unborn where the child is killed as the result of a crime or negligence.

And they still can’t find it in their hearts to defend the unborn?  Slippery slope? Oh yeah, I see it now.


H/T Ted Siefer Union Leader

HB 217: AN ACT including “fetus” in the definition of “another” for the purpose of certain criminal offenses.