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Hide and Go Seek

The editorial in this morning’s Union Leader visits two problems we’ve had in spades around here of late.  A public body unwilling to part with public information and School superintendents.

What’s worse than a public body denying access to an investigator’s report that was paid for with taxpayer money?

Hiring a lawyer to fight the release of that investigator’s report by spending even more of the taxpayers’ money.

That’s the latest wrinkle in the running soap opera touched off by former Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative School District Superintendent Trevor Evel, who resigned last month after an audit revealed the questionable use of the school district’s credit card at out-of-town training conferences.

The Union Leader has filed suit.  The Nashua Telegraph has filed it’s own Right to Know for all details surrounding the issue. And nothing says we have something to hide like refusing to part with it, and then hiring a lawyer to keep it hidden.

All at taxpayer expense.  And that is where the bureaucratic intimidation comes in.  It won’t be long before the people hiding the details will argue that the folks asking all the questions are wasting taxpayers dollars.  That is how the game is played.

It is imperative that we not flinch, or the bureaucracy will continue to use these tactics to hide whatever it does not want to share with the people.