Where Maya Angelou intimates that we can be legislated to love each other

Huh? I was looking up a word that was the equivalent of gaggle at Dictionary.com but starting with a “p” (then it popped up in my head: ” radical vision of Obama and his punishing posse of Progressives“) but there was a quote that was in the right sidebar from  Maya Angelo (emphasis mine):

Strictly speaking, one cannot legislate love, but what one can do is legislate fairness and justice. If legislation does not prohibit our living side by side, sooner or later your child will fall on the pavement and I’ll be the one to pick her up. Or one of my children will not be able to get into the house and you’ll have to say, “Stop here until your mom comes here.” Legislation affords us the chance to see if we might love each other.

Where do I start? Legislation is needed for Kumbaya-ness?  Certainly legislation can establish a platform for justice (all asides (away) from critical legal and race theory, as they are in the news nowadays) – here is what is right and here is what is wrong.  A dividing line for behavior, as it were. But fairness?  I think we’ve seen what “fairness” can be; when it is politically motivated, fairness has nothing to do it and a good number of laws involve one special interest or more that are trying to obtain an edge of one type or another.  But to think that legislation is needed, actually required, so as to “see if we might love each other“?

Unfortunately for many, I take people at their word, and what that word means.  Unfortunately, I see yet another person who is willing to drag Government into yet another role to which it is unsuited entirely?  Frankly, no.  If put in that situation, no matter how nice the neighbors, I’m betting that most people would feel rather cross, knowing that Government was forcing such a situation, and what would that accomplish?

No Kumbaya, for sure.