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The Divine Right of Democrats

From DaTecguy’s blog, an excellent post on Neo-crats–my word not his. He compares the Old Democrats to the new with a little help from some other great sources…

When Democrats lose, that’s not a coup, that just means you lost this years elections. Don’t blame it on the Koch brothers, Halliburton or anyone else, sometimes the voters don’t like you. The Republicans spent 40 years in the wilderness until Election 1994 (Congressional elections not Presidential ones) — not one Republican thought of changing the rules or the constitution.

It has been ever so, when the GOP took the congress in 1994 Peter Jennings called it a temper tantrum, for eight years the left insisted that George Bush was not legit and when in 2010 the voters threw out the democrats America is dumb.

I’ve been writing about the elites and Feudalism since 2009. Because they see them selves as our betters their actions are no surprise.

…and links to the other good stuff

Take the Obamacare case in the Supreme Court rather then knowing the arguments coming from Alito or Roberts, the Solicitor General had no answer.  It’s not the Court’s fault that President Obama’s Solicitor general had no defense against Conservative arguments by the Court, it’s the epistemic closure!

The neo-crats have no connection to the people or the foundation of their freedom any more.  They really don’t get it.  And they don’t want to.  They think they are above all that.  They think they are better.   And they will do anything to stay in power.

It is an entitlement culture has infiltrated the bureaucracy which is populated, more and more, with like minded elites.   We’ve gotten to the point where the public unions and Democrats don’t even need a majority of elected officials in office, they just need an angry mob of elites to show up and defend the bureaucracy; to intimidate the rest of us into leaving them in control no matter who we elect.