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Who Wants Partial Birth Abortion?

The New Hampshire House voted to ban partial birth abortion today (HB 1679).  For those unfamiliar, Partial birth abortion is exactly what the term infers.  The baby is partially born before its abortionist-induced termination.  What this actually is, is abortion at birth, and if it was done without consent, even liberals would call it murder.  But for the left, and more than a few very confused people on the near-right, the thinking here is that the child is not yet a person, a definition which is irrelevant if that same child is wanted by the mother, and an execution when preformed by the government on any other “person” against their will.  Something future babies may yet have to contend with.

Surviving birth is no longer, necessarily, the last opportunity for an abortion.  A pair of Oxford “ethicists,” who clearly would not object to partial birth abortion, recently arrived at the conclusion that infants are not people either.

Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva say in their study, titled After-birth abortion: why should the baby live? that babies, like fetuses, are only “potential persons” with no “moral right to life.” They define a person as one who is “capable of attributing to her own existence some (at least) basic value.” They conclude that parents should be able to kill infants because “the interests of actual people override the interest of merely potential people.”

Is that not chilling?

Is it not equally obvious how you get to this point.  You must first refuse to acknowledge that an unborn baby is a life or even a person.  You have to convince people that a baby is not a person, not at conception, nor at any point to term, including at birth, and now after?

The abortion industry and the progressives have been trying to make that case for forty years, and spent hundreds of millions to make the point stick. And now we’ve apparently arrived at a time and place where it is reasonable to suggest that babies are not people either.  And people who claim to be very smart–and more than a few who are very stupid (with sheep like qualities) are defending this argument if not the conclusion.

So how many years will it be from today when government boards are empowered to define the value of whomever they choose, regardless of age?  How about 2014 when Obama Care comes into force and health care begins its inevitable walk toward a time when health and life are  apportioned based on the governments perceived value of the cost to government in relation to your current or future usefulness?

Revisit the words of the Oxford ethicists: :The interests of actual people (healthy people?) override the interests of merely potential people–or do they mean people with no future potential?

I can see some of you shaking your heads, thinking… no, that would never happen; we would never let it go that far?  Really?

Last week I asked if anyone would have believed you, had you told them that the “right to privacy”–established in 1965 in Griswold vs. Connecticut,–would inevitably lead to the legal killing of babies at birth?”  You’d have labeled me as insane.  And yet here we are.  The invented right to privacy lead to Roe v. Wade, partial birth abortion, and –oh, by the way, it is not an insane idea to suggest that a six month old can be killed because it is still not a person.

If you had not yet noticed, everything relating to morality and virtue heads into decline the moment you let government decide.   Like the statutory devaluation of life we suddenly find inconvenient.  A path that did not stop in 1974 or at any point since.  And we are meant to believe it won’t continue from this point until the government defines what any life is worth, who is entitled to it, and on what terms.

Is it not now an imperative that life’s advocates try to take back some rope back?

With that in mind, HB1679 would affect abortions from the third trimester up to and including partial birth abortion, with exceptions for circumstances where the mothers life is in danger.  An effort that could never pass muster with New Hampshire Democrats, or their progressive (r)epublican water carriers.

So while the bill did pass 224-110, with more than a few libertarians taking a walk on this one, there are still 110 New Hampshire House legislators who believe that the ability to survive outside the womb, including the time of actual birth, does not entitle you to live, should your mother deem you an inconvenient obstacle to be discarded.

And before you lefties call me some fringe right wing nut, most American’s agree with me.  About 80% are against abortion from the beginning of the third trimester on.  That makes you the fringe left wing nuts.

So here are the nays.  No surprises.

HB1679  Roll Call
Vote Date: 03/14/2012 Vote#: 150 Question/Motion: OTP/AM 0985H(NT) Bill Text Bill Status
Result List  Bill Docket
Yeas: 224 Nays: 110 View All Roll Calls
Representative Party County District Vote
Almy, Susan  Democrat Grafton 11 Nay
Babson, David  Republican Carroll 3 Nay
Barry, J. Gail  Republican Hillsborough 16 Nay
Belvin, William  Republican Hillsborough 6 Nay
Benn, Bernard  Democrat Grafton 9 Nay
Bouchard, Candace  Democrat Merrimack 11 Nay
Brown, Julie  Republican Strafford 1 Nay
Brown, Paul  Republican Rockingham 2 Nay
Browne, Brendon  Democrat Strafford 4 Nay
Campbell, David  Democrat Hillsborough 24 Nay
Carr, Daniel  Democrat Cheshire 4 Nay
Chase, Cynthia  Democrat Cheshire 3 Nay
Christensen, D.L. Chris  Republican Hillsborough 19 Nay
Cloutier, John  Democrat Sullivan 4 Nay
Cooney, Mary  Democrat Grafton 7 Nay
Copeland, Timothy  Republican Rockingham 13 Nay
Cote, David  Democrat Hillsborough 23 Nay
Coughlin, Sean  Republican Hillsborough 6 Nay
Cusson-Cail, Kathleen  Republican Hillsborough 14 Nay
Daler, Jennifer  Democrat Hillsborough 4 Nay
Deloge, Helen  Democrat Merrimack 12 Nay
DiPentima, Rich  Democrat Rockingham 16 Nay
Domingo, Baldwin  Democrat Strafford 5 Nay
Emerson, Susan  Republican Cheshire 7 Nay
Flanagan, Jack  Republican Hillsborough 5 Nay
Foose, Robert  Democrat Merrimack 1 Nay
Frazer, June  Democrat Merrimack 10 Nay
Fredette, Robert  Republican Hillsborough 1 Nay
Gargasz, Carolyn  Republican Hillsborough 5 Nay
Garrity, Patrick  Democrat Hillsborough 14 Nay
Gidge, Kenneth  Democrat Hillsborough 24 Nay
Gile, Mary  Democrat Merrimack 10 Nay
Gimas, John  Democrat Hillsborough 12 Nay
Ginsburg, Philip  Democrat Strafford 7 Nay
Goley, Jeffrey  Democrat Hillsborough 8 Nay
Gorman, Mary  Democrat Hillsborough 23 Nay
Gould, Franklin  Democrat Grafton 11 Nay
Graham, John  Republican Hillsborough 18 Nay
Grassie, Anne  Democrat Strafford 1 Nay
Hamm, Christine  Democrat Merrimack 4 Nay
Harding, Laurie  Democrat Grafton 11 Nay
Hatch, William  Democrat Coos 3 Nay
Hawkes, Samuel  Democrat Cheshire 3 Nay
Horrigan, Timothy  Democrat Strafford 7 Nay
Hunt, John  Republican Cheshire 7 Nay
Kaen, Naida  Democrat Strafford 7 Nay
Keans, Sandra  Democrat Strafford 1 Nay
Kidder, David  Republican Merrimack 1 Nay
Kurk, Neal  Republican Hillsborough 7 Nay
Ladd, Rick  Republican Grafton 5 Nay
Lefebvre, Benjamin  Democrat Sullivan 1 Nay
Leishman, Peter  Democrat Hillsborough 3 Nay
Lerandeau, Alfred  Democrat Cheshire 6 Nay
Levasseur, Nickolas  Democrat Hillsborough 11 Nay
Lindsey, Steven  Democrat Cheshire 3 Nay
Lockwood, Priscilla  Republican Merrimack 6 Nay
Lovejoy, Patricia  Democrat Rockingham 13 Nay
MacKay, James  Democrat Merrimack 11 Nay
Meader, David  Democrat Cheshire 3 Nay
Merrick, Evalyn  Democrat Coos 2 Nay
Messier, Irene  Republican Hillsborough 17 Nay
Millham, Alida  Republican Belknap 5 Nay
Moody, Marcia  Democrat Rockingham 12 Nay
Nordgren, Sharon  Democrat Grafton 9 Nay
Norelli, Terie  Democrat Rockingham 16 Nay
Ober, Russell  Republican Hillsborough 27 Nay
Owen, Derek  Democrat Merrimack 4 Nay
Parkhurst, Henry  Democrat Cheshire 4 Nay
Pastor, Beatriz  Democrat Grafton 9 Nay
Patten, Dick  Democrat Merrimack 11 Nay
Pelletier, Marsha  Democrat Strafford 5 Nay
Perry, Robert  Democrat Strafford 3 Nay
Pierce, David  Democrat Grafton 9 Nay
Pilliod, James  Republican Belknap 5 Nay
Porter, Marjorie  Democrat Hillsborough 1 Nay
Potter, Frances  Democrat Merrimack 10 Nay
Proulx, Mark  Republican Hillsborough 15 Nay
Ramsey, Peter  Democrat Hillsborough 8 Nay
Read, Robin  Democrat Rockingham 16 Nay
Rhodes, Brian  Democrat Hillsborough 22 Nay
Rice, Chip  Democrat Merrimack 12 Nay
Richardson, Gary  Democrat Merrimack 4 Nay
Robbins, David  Republican Hillsborough 26 Nay
Roberts, Jenna  Democrat Strafford 7 Nay
Roberts, Kris  Democrat Cheshire 3 Nay
Rokas, Ted  Democrat Hillsborough 12 Nay
Rosenwald, Cindy  Democrat Hillsborough 22 Nay
Sad, Tara  Democrat Cheshire 2 Nay
Schlachman, Donna  Democrat Rockingham 13 Nay
Schmidt, Andrew  Democrat Sullivan 1 Nay
Schmidt, Peter  Democrat Strafford 4 Nay
Shaw, Barbara  Democrat Hillsborough 16 Nay
Shurtleff, Stephen  Democrat Merrimack 10 Nay
Simard, Paul  Republican Grafton 8 Nay
Smith, Suzanne  Democrat Grafton 7 Nay
Spainhower, Dale  Democrat Strafford 2 Nay
Spang, Judith  Democrat Strafford 7 Nay
Sprague, Dale  Democrat Strafford 2 Nay
Sterling, Franklin  Republican Cheshire 7 Nay
Tatro, Bruce  Democrat Cheshire 6 Nay
Taylor, Kathleen  Democrat Grafton 2 Nay
Theberge, Robert  Democrat Coos 4 Nay
Thomas, Yvonne  Democrat Coos 4 Nay
Townsend, Charles  Democrat Grafton 10 Nay
Wall, Janet  Democrat Strafford 7 Nay
Wallner, Mary Jane  Democrat Merrimack 12 Nay
Watrous, Rick  Democrat Merrimack 12 Nay
Watters, David  Democrat Strafford 4 Nay
Weber, Lucy  Democrat Cheshire 2 Nay
White, Andrew  Democrat Grafton 11 Nay