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Vote on medical marijuana in the State Senate today

There’s an article about the Republican-sponsored bill to allow medicinal marijuana use with a doctor’s counseling and prescription in today’s UL HERE.
So where does our 8-year Democrat Gov. John Lynch stand on the bill? He promises to veto the thing! Idiotic. Here’s my comment at the bottom of the Union Leader article:

Democrat Gov. Lynch is an idiot for supporting the failed and extremely harmful “war on some drugs”…

…(cannabis yes, alcohol no, tobacco no, etc.). Democrats in the state senate who vote against this humanitarian bill should be voted out of office in November; ditto for Republican senators who vote against it.

I mean, come on, people! Maine has it. Vermont has it. Massachusetts has it. But New Hampshire—the “Live Free or Die” state?—is going to fall into the ocean if this simple humanitarian substance is able to be used with a doctor’s prescription? Get REAL. (We should have gotten rid of Gov. Lynch years ago, too.)