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New Hampshire Democrats Hate Poor People

foodstamp nation - NH Democrats hate poor people - No ID no Food stampsDemocrats are, as a party, against requiring an ID to vote.  Everyone knows that.  They argue that the poor, or minorities will be intimidated, or unable to engage in the electoral process if we expect them to have a photo ID.

Not only do you need a picture ID to apply for Food Stamps in New Hampshire, everyone in your household ages 16 and over is required to have a Photo ID.

Identity For All Household Members: If age 16 or older, a picture ID is required: US Passport, Driver’s license with photo/Picture State ID, Picture school ID, Picture military ID.

So you need a photo ID two years before you are even eligible to vote?  How hard then can it be to get one?  Probably not difficult at all.

And that’s just a scratch in the surface.  The scope of evidence you must compile to apply for Food Stamps in New Hampshire suggest a very thorough look at eligibility.  Presumably, to ensure you are not receiving undue benefit at the taxpayers expense.  And I respect that.  People should do everything they can to support themselves and their families first.

But spending millions or even billions of taxpayer dollars with their vote, election after election..?  No ID required for that.

New Hampshire Democrats can’t possibly be promoting voter fraud, so the only reason for refusing to encourage or require everyone to get a picture ID must be to keep vulnerable Granite Staters from having access to state services that require them.

New Hampshire Democrats hate poor people.