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Isn’t it Time We Enforced the State’s IT Policies

Democrats like to manage society, ever more so when they believe it has misbehaved.  So here’s an idea the left ought to embrace with both left arms.

Because it is against state policy to use state computers for activities outside their intranet, like reading online news or–heaven forbid whiling the day away commenting on news portals like the Concord Monitor while on the taxpayers payroll–why hasn’t one of the states IT guru’s blocked all those IP’s from within the states network?  (We know they have not.)

The policy is very clear yet the system is left open to abuse.  So is this trust that the government is extending to state employees, something its leftist advocates are loath to offer to regular citizens on a wide range of things.   Well, that trust has been broken.

I believe we’ll find, in the coming days and weeks, that state employees are just as human, if not more so, that the rest of us.  That there is rampant abuse of state time and state property, in violation of the states own internet policy rules, whose apparent function is to create pointless paperwork for show, since it clearly serves no purpose as a deterrent.

The time has come to talk about cutting off state employees access to the main-stream news-porn they obsess over on taxpayer time,  to limit access, and enforce signed policy agreements.

We know that the left is all about putting limits on us, and that the bureaucracy on the whole is a pro big-government, left leaning body.  But will they feel the same way about limiting state employees access (from state equipment and property) to the newsy distractions of the outside world?

All I can say is that if they won’t block them, they had better be prepared to punish the people who violate the rules.

More to come…