Warming Casues Cooling Causes Warming Prevents Ice age…or Something.

Polar bears everywhereNot long from now I suspect that Global Warming science will take it’s rightful place beside astrology as just another curious aspect of human consciousness relegated to the same space occupied by Garfield,  Dilbert, and whatever that comic is that succeeded but could never replace The Far Side.   They could call it the Global Warming Crossword.  Put it between the Sudoku and the Jumble.

We are of course referring to the cult of climate change;  change being change what they call it, change what causes it, change what it will do,  change how long it will take to happen, and beg for more change to stop it.  Never has a settled science been so unsettled or unsettling.  A science that promised devastating sea rise at the same time its proponents continued to scoop up grotesquely expensive sea-level and shore line property that was supposed to be underwater years ago.   Had the jet setting, carbon booted, limousine liberals been buying up land destined to be shoreline property ala Lex Luthor in Superman II, we might have had more reason to be suspicious.   Instead they raped the worlds taxpayers for hundred of billions (if not trillions) only to have some of their own “experts” concede that we may be entering an ice age and if not for CO2 emissions, things could be a lot worse.

Good thing the democrats and greens have kept us from developing nuclear or drilling for our own oil and gas for the past forty years.  Yeah.  Good thing these same experts have been wrong about almost everything else too.  Yeah.

Well, at least the polar bears, you know the thousands of them that are there but don’t exist, will have some room to stretch out.