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Order Your Susan Emerson Commemorative Boo Hoo Towels Today!

The RINO from Rindge, House GOP 69 percenter Susan Emerson, has sponsored a bill to stop bullying in the State legislature.  No.  I am not. Kidding.

The Union Leader reports that HB 1533..

“….would allow the Attorney General’s Office to investigate allegations of bullying in the Legislature, rather than current rules that allow such allegations to be investigated by an ethics committee.”

The paper claims the bill has 97 Sponsors, while the bill as submitted has just a handful of support; moderates pretending to be Republicans, pining no doubt for the days when more people voted for their spineless ilk and they actually had some kind of voice in State government?   (Too harsh?)

This bill does not fix that problem, no bill could.  What it does do is create an atmosphere built on tension and self imposed censorship, where healthy debate and disagreement becomes almost impossible without fear of being branded a bully backed up by the threat of a $2500.00 fine (per incident) and the stigma of criminal proceedings.

Mom!  He’s Bullying me!

So why bother?  We got through four years of Democrat majorities and all kinds of reported bullying of Republicans and Democrats (also here) without Emerson creating the boo-hoo bill.

Well, you see,  this bill is “necessary” because of a he-said she-said disagreement from a year ago between Emerson–who wanted to add 27 amendments to last year’s budget Bill, and Speaker O’Brien–who didn’t.  Whatever happened after that, Emerson has had time enough to listen to the little blue devil on her left shoulder, the one who keeps whispering about how she probably had more power and influence when Democrats were in charge.  I guess she couldn’t afford Gloria Allred; instead we get fuel for the left wing narrative and a piece of legislative-dung worthy of Maggie “The Red” Hassan’s brand of statutory intimidation and Kathy ‘Lawsuit” Sullivan’s Kitchen Table.

(a)(1) “Bullying” means a single significant incident or a pattern of incidents involving a written, verbal, or electronic communication, or a physical act or gesture, or any combination thereof, directed at another member which:

(A) Physically harms a member;

(B) Causes emotional distress to a member;

(C) Interferes with a member’s legislative opportunities;

(D) Creates a hostile environment; or

(E) Substantially disrupts the orderly operation of the general court.

(2) “Bullying” shall include actions motivated by an imbalance of power based on a member’s actual or perceived personal characteristics, behaviors, or beliefs, or motivated by the member’s association with another person and based on the other person’s characteristics, behaviors, or beliefs.

Emphasis mine.

So does the bill come with tissues and a blankie?  (I admit to being surprised that there is no prohibition on brandishing a firearm.)

Interesting progression. The Blue Dog Republicans send Emerson into the budget fray (undercover?) carrying fiscal water for the left.   (She did get .0075% of the votes for House Speaker.)  They want to debate over two dozen proposed budget amendments that no one in this legislature is going to pass–probably as roll call vote campaign fodder.  The speaker and House Leader see it as the waste of precious time that it is, try to get her to combine or whittle the list down to just a few  amendments, but Emerson says no.  She says no.? Not one of those proposed amendments was worth debating unless the other 26 were?  Not one? All or nothing? To quote Admiral Akbar…’It’s a Trap! ‘

The actual House Speaker says no deal, no thanks.   Emerson goes for the boo boo towel.

But what did she expect?   Every single elections since 2006 has seen the decline of moderate Republicans in the legislature.  No one is interested in their squishy left leaning legislative agenda.  We have Democrats for that.   (Been there done that.)  And the only reason she is probably still even in the House is name recognition.  This was clearly a set up.  And now she’s back with the Emerson ‘Boo hoo’ bill.

Susan, when back-benched Democrats have had enough “bullying”  they suck it up or just quit.  You can quit the House.  We don’t mind.  I’m sure we can replace you with a real Republican, or more likely a real Democrat.   At least they stand on their lack of principle.   As for back-benched, tax and spend moderates, acting like cry baby Democrats is not going to win you any points with real Republicans or even real independents.   And writing an in-House bullying bill?  Really?  Waaaahhhhhhhh!

Wait, here’s an idea.  Instead of marketing left wing pabulum and writing pointless intimidation legislation that will make it almost impossible to disagree with someone with any degree of passion or enthusiasm for fear of being charged with being a bully by some relegated cry-baby, try finding more people to sell your political priorities to the people instead.  If they elect enough like minded legislators you can get back the power you so desperately crave.  If they don’t, suck it up or get out.