#Occupy Policy Goal = 35 Years in Jail? - Granite Grok

#Occupy Policy Goal = 35 Years in Jail?

Greed.  Occupy greed - criminals get 35 years for liberating money from bankRedistributing the wealth, and blaming banks at the same time, must be sending a mixed message to “American’s” who are committed to redistributing the wealth.  Take James Karahalios for example.  He ‘liberated’ wealth from several banks, motels, and greedy business owners, and what did he get for it?  Thirty-five years in prison for armed robbery.

So much for civil disobedience to advance the goals of #Occupy New Hampshire.  The State Democrat party must be pissed.

Every day we see names and faces in the paper, of people tyring to accomplish the goals of the #occupy movement, only to be put down by the man.

Wait…I see the problem.

Karahalios and these others have failed to approach theft the way the professional criminals in the Democrat party do.  These folks didn’t get the government to “legalize” the stealing for them.