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Add A Half-Mil to Norelli’s Debt Tab

RGGI deficit spending by NH democrats leaves us another 600K in the holeNew Hampshire Watchdog is reporting that up through 2010 the Democrat controlled New Hampshire State government overspent RGGI revenues to the tune of about $600,000.00 dollars.   They just assumed we’d have more revenue.  Hmmm..where have we seen that before?   SO much like their regular budgeting they spent (more)  money we didn’t have, leaving someone else with the hard work of fixing things.

NH Watchdog’s Grant Bosse reminds us of the RGGI tab, the sad state of the Cap and Trade scheme,  as well as the Democrats taking 3.1 million dollars out of that scheme to (cough-cough) ‘Balance’ the State budget.

So Teri ‘ Billion Dollar Deficit’ Norelli strikes again.

This is an important reminder of what happens when you allow the fiscal-adolescents in the Democrat party to manage your states finances.  (Can you find me one example at the state level where FUBAR is not a suitable acronym for their prolonged stewardship?)

We already had to fill a nearly billion dollar hole created by their (cough-cough) balanced budgets, only to discover that the 3.1 million they robbed from yet another dedicated fund has not only denied those resources for their intended purpose (whether you agree with the purpose or not), but created another deficit in the process.

And sure, in all fairness Governor Lynch is ultimately to blame for allowing any and all of that Democrat nonsense to get past his desk.  But what else can I say about Governor Lynch that I have not already said.